HP offers telcos cloud-based device management tools

HP offers telcos cloud-based device management tools

Summary: The package is designed to let communications providers offer cloud-based mobile device management services to their enterprise customers

TOPICS: Cloud, Mobility

HP has unveiled a tool to help communications providers offer cloud-based mobile device management services to mid-sized businesses.

The Cloud Services Enablement for Device Management as a Service (CSE for DMaaS) product lets wireless and broadband companies provide services such as managing companies' smartphones, notebooks and other mobile devices for them.

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IT staff at those companies would be able to manage these devices, as well as PCs, through a secure, customisable web portal that would allow for the distribution of applications, the configuration of devices, the diagnosis of problems and the enforcement of security policies. Full back-up and restore features would also be possible using the system.

Tim Marsden, HP's head of communications and media products, said in a statement that CSE for DMaaS would address the increasing complexity and cost of device management, and let communications providers "ultimately built a new business for themselves".

The package is based on HP's aggregation platform for software-as-a-service (SaaS). The platform sits between a mobile device management suite and the communications provider's operations and business support systems, automating key processes such as the management of third-party services.

HP's mobile device management software comes largely from Mformation Technologies, which already supplies such software directly to dozens of communications providers but has partnered with HP for CSE for DMaaS. HP's aggregation platform also draws on products from Storegate, Soonr and O3SIS.

HP is also offering consulting and integration services around its new package. It is available now.

Topics: Cloud, Mobility

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