HP Slate 21 all-in-one PC is powered by Android, Tegra 4 chip

HP Slate 21 all-in-one PC is powered by Android, Tegra 4 chip

Summary: The company shows off its new desktop/tablet hybrid that eschews Intel and Windows at an event in Beijing. It arrives in the U.S. in September starting at $399.


Update: HP has contacted me with its official press release for the U.S. The Slate 21 will start selling in the States in September, starting at $399. It includes 8GB of storage and an SD card slot for additional capacity.  

While PC makers have released a few all-in-one desktops that double as tabletop tablets, HP is doing things differently with the forthcoming Slate 21, which it just unveiled at an event in Beijing. Systems like the Lenovo Horizon and Sony Vaio Tap 20, as well as HP's own Envy Rove 20, can lay flat to be used like a tablet, but still run Windows 8 and use traditional x86 chips.

The Slate 21, on the other hand, will run Android (version 4.2.2, to be exact) and is powered by Nvidia's Tegra 4 ARM processor. In addition, it's not designed to lay completely flat — its kickstand lets it sit at a 30-degree angle for tablet usage or upright to be used in the more traditional desktop mode. (Update: According to HP, the hinge lets you adjust the angle of the display from between 15 to 75 degrees.) The 21.5-inch display is obviously touchscreen-enabled and features full 1080p resolution.

As is often the case with these announcements, HP provided no price or availability for the Slate 21, saying these details will be revealed when it's released in each country. What price would entice you to buy the Slate 21, or would you have no interest in this Android all-in-one PC no matter the cost? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

[Via CNET Asia, Engadget]

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  • USD500?

    Cf James Kendrick's column on the pricing of Windows 8 tablets.

    I would prefer if this had some pointing device, say built into the keyboard, that you could use instead of touch, to avoid "gorilla arm" in vertical-screen mode. Android does support that, you know.
    • Mouse

      The picture shows a mouse
      • Re: Mouse

        Whoops, missed that.

        Looks like the price will be competitive, at any rate.
  • ...

  • Android about to do to PC-land what it did to iOS

    Criticize the strategy all you want, by being multi-vendor, free (speech and [almost] beer), Android has taken over the phone and tablet markets. Now the same good-enough-commodity-strategy is being unleashed on the PC market.

    Will take a bit for the most die-hard Windows fanbois to admit it, but "Android PC" isn't going to feel like an oxymoron to even them after they have a sizable percentage of the market.
    • Android is about to meet what Windows encounters in mobile

      This is a great move by Google/Android and one they have been working on for a while. The new features being added to Android suggested this was the next step.

      To the point though, people complain that Windows programs are not touch optomized for mobile devices as a reason it will never work there. The reverse will be true for Android apps on a "desktop" device like this.

      I have an Asus Transformer which was an awesome tablet and a very capable little notebook. The form factor was great, but Android just wasn't feature rich enough to really replace current desktop computers. By that I mean Windows/OSx/Linux.

      That isn't saying it can't happen, but Android needs a heck of a lot more work and far greater update and support to do that. I'm just not sure Android is to the point where it is ready to provide for 100% of a users computer needs. It still struggles with basic things like the file system or printing.

      All of that aside, this is a very cool device. I'm going to wait a while to see what other OEMs come up with in this same space, but will certainly pick something like this up to play with. If nothing else my kids will love it.
  • Might work...

    If we can get printer manufacturers and Google to work together and provide native printing support to Android instead of having to use 3rd party applications like PrinterShare. I already use my Lenovo IdeaPad K1 and ThinkPad tablets for as much as possible when it comes to working, but printing is still a painful (and required) experience in many cases.

    Not saying it will eliminate Windows, MacOS, or the various *nixes; but it could go a long ways towards making all of them work harder on improving things instead of just changing them for the sake of change.
    • Another thought...

      Add the capability to be used as a touch screen device in Windows 8 and they could have a winner on their hands in more ways than one.
      • Re: Add the capability to be used as a touch screen device in Windows 8

        Windows would add too much to the cost. Look at all the unsuccessful attempts to do exactly this.
    • Or...

      They could just use CUPS, like all of the other *nixes
    • Cloud print

      With Google Cloud print, you can print to any printers that support Cloud printing and to old printers if they are connected to Windows PC running Chrome.
  • I saw a project on kick starter

    That was a "laptop" you plug your smart phone into. Has up to 1080p, you can use a Bluetooth mouse or even the smart phone as a touchpad. Another thing, it charged your phone while you used it. I think it would be more where "desktop Android" or even "desktop iOS" is going than something like this all in one.
  • launch / pricing info

    Hey all,

    Full disclosure, I'm HP's Blogger. Just wanted to let you know that we have actually announced price / shipping info on the blog: September for $399.


    (Thanks for the shout-out in the update, Sean!)


    Darren Gladstone
    HP's TheNextBench.com
    • Press Demo?

      Any idea whom to contact about getting a press review unit?
  • (oops. ;p)

    *JUST* Saw the update w/ pricing after I posted. Sorry about that.

  • Is this for visually impaired?

    I mean 21" at 1080 only, it has to be for visually impaired only or?
    • I was wondering if anyone else was putting 2 and 2 together.

      It is a 21 inch screen.

      It is running Android.

      Android has very limited app optimized for tablet screen resolution - let alone a 21 inch screen.

      I wonder how pixelated those Android phone apps will look like on a 1080p/21 inch monitor?
      • Re: Android has very limited app optimized for tablet

        But then, Android had very limited apps for smartphones too, back when it was rapidly climbing to dominance in that market, and that didn't seem to hold it back one bit.
  • great price!

    Wow, what a great price! This might just be my next home tablet! It has some great specs. The tegra 4 pack more processing power than many i3 processors if geekbench is to believed, and almost certainly offers superior graphics performance to boot
  • Save one for me

    This will make a nice smart tv for my kids. We are streaming only. Game console too. Wonder how to work out the controllers.