HP throws weight behind OpenStack

HP throws weight behind OpenStack

Summary: The company is the latest big name to back the collaborative OpenStack open-source cloud platform


HP is the latest Silicon Valley heavyweight to join the OpenStack open-source cloud platform, it announced on Wednesday.

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HP already has plenty of its own cloud solutions for IT departments, ranging in scale as well as private and public. Nevertheless, because OpenStack is a collaborative effort and free for all under the Apache 2.0 licence, lots of other tech companies have found some benefit in supporting the project.

HP's vice president of Cloud Services, Emil Sayegh, wrote on the company's blog: "HP recognises that open and interoperable cloud infrastructure and services are critical in delivering the next generation of cloud-based services to developers, businesses and consumers. It is our belief that close collaboration with developer communities combined with HP's global portfolio are cornerstones to delivering the right, seamless and secure experiences for our customers."

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