HP to cut 7,100 jobs in Europe, with more to come worldwide

HP to cut 7,100 jobs in Europe, with more to come worldwide

Summary: The computing giant plows ahead with its plan to cut more than 29,000 jobs globally as it aims to reinvest into the company, and cut overall costs.

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HP is cutting thousands of positions in Europe, a spokesperson confirmed Thursday, as part of its strategy to save costs and reinvest back into cloud, mobile, big data, and security.

In a statement, the company said it updated its plan earlier this week for its Europe, Middle East, and Africa restructuring plans "to address current markets and business pressures." 

"HP expects approximately 7,095 employees to exit the company or to be re-deployed into new roles that better fit the future needs of the company and its customers," the statement read. "Workforce reduction plans will vary by country, based on local legal requirements and consultation with works councils and employee representatives, as appropriate."

In a 10-Q filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in September, the computing giant said the total expected headcount reductions could vary as much as 15 percent from HP's original estimates of 29,000 employees by the end of 2014.

In total, HP expects to see as many as 33,350 employees in total made redundant or redeployed.

The company declined to comment on how many staffers would be redeployed over being made redundant, but said it did not expect the layoffs to breach the 15 percent mark.

A HP spokesperson on the phone to ZDNet said there was "nothing to update" from the Securities Analysts Meeting on October 9, where chief executive Meg Whitman dubbed part of the company's turnaround on the "New Style of IT."

According to the U.S. government filing, HP has already eliminated approximately 22,700 positions as part of its global reductions plan.

Topic: Hewlett-Packard

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  • HP has only themselves to blame...

    Making cheap Android or Chrome books is not going to save HP and now that Microsoft is in the hardware business and Dell gone private, it’s tough times for HP.
    • Plus buying Palm and wasting money

      HP has made a lot of big mistakes. They cut too many corners on nicely designed PC's, they put far too many AMD chips in PC's to save money. But it back fired when those PC's were rejected by consumers with bad user experiences. The constant management battles simply hurt the company too. I think their only real solution is to shrink down and become less of a company.
      • Re:Plus buying Palm and wasting money

        and now they want to sell Palm patents
  • Wait - What?

    I thought only Blackberry cut employees?

    Is HP about to go out of business????????

    Hopefully ZDNet has a few articles on the death of HP lined up.
    • That's next week.

      This is Apple's week, with the release of new products, so "Death of HP" got pushed to the week of the 28th.
  • "New Style of IT."

    cut the US and EU employees and move the work to India!
    Is this the same b*tch running for CA governor?
    LlNUX Geek
  • HP in the rigth move

    Reduction of work force is habitual in the companies, HP has ambitious plans of R&D it is logical that it looks for financing
    luis river
  • hp is shrinking because its products suck

    Its printers suck (not talking about 3k monsters, just those you'd buy for your home), and its laptops are the worst I've ever used. don't expect me to buy anything from these people (although I'll admit I've seen their desktop monitors and these seem worth it)
  • layoffs

    its so sad. I used to work for them. they wasted a lot of money on dubious companies and allowed too many top talents to leave via layoffs. What a waste.
  • Cutting 7,100 Jobs = CEO and Corp Failure not the workers

    The Header says it all guess this is what happens when you get a brainless idiot for a CEO... This was a long time issue and before cutting thousands of jobs it's clear to see the management was not doing theirs...
  • Too many talkers

    Too many talkers / marketing types at the top and not enough engineers to keep them in touch with reality.
  • Everything going wrong.

    I recently got employment elsewhere from this company ( how they got in the top 25 is an absolute mystery) When you are on the bottom ( L1 engineer) you are a replaceable puppet. We were literally the stepping stones for Dell and Symantec. Not only do they pay an average of 7k more. On a salary of 29 this is extreme. Beside this fact HP is continuously outsourcing different departments to partners ( Stream, India etc) While they cannot get reqs for themselves. This is all decide by our lady Meg. People are leaving, and the ones that are left behind get to do their work now too because they wont be replaced. Then they whine about it and we get outsourced...

    To leave was the best decisions I ever made, and yes I work for Dell now, no where near perfect, but its like climbing up from a ravine.
    Kris Kalonta