HP to join Chromebox fray with mini-PC available in four color choices

HP to join Chromebox fray with mini-PC available in four color choices

Summary: Due in the spring, the small-form-factor desktop will include a Core i7 processor, but pricing has not yet been announced.

TOPICS: PCs, Hewlett-Packard

Seemingly an afterthought until recently, the Chromebox has suddenly become a hot product, judging by the spate of recent announcements around the desktop platform for running Google's Chrome OS. Asus launched its mini-PC earlier this week, and Google just showed off a Chromebox for video conferencing. Now HP has revealed that it's joining in the fun as well.

The company's forthcoming small-form-factor PC resembles the Asus Chromebox, including its connectivity options (four USB 3.0 ports, DisplayPort and HDMI outputs). But it offers four color choices, including a stylish turquoise option, and it will also come with an Intel Haswell Core i7 processor, which Asus will only offer for its Chromebox in markets outside of the U.S. HP claims that with the new, beefy CPU, its Chromebox will be ready to tackle some of those video meetings Google was promising earlier today.

That processor will also mean the HP Chromebox will cost more its Asus competitor, which will start at just $179 (though probably with a less-powerful Celeron CPU). We'll find out this spring, when HP's model becomes available. With that company onboard, the Chromebox platform looks a lot more viable than just a week ago, when the only Chromebox you could buy was a refurbished Samsung model. 

[Via GigaOm]

Topics: PCs, Hewlett-Packard

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  • No to Winblows

    Time go WInblows!
    • Exactly!

      I'm very tempted to get one just to hook-up to my TV :-)
      • In Colors!!!

        I really wasn't interested in any Android device... but now these new ones come in colors... wow that changes everything.

        Sh** up and Take my money!!!
        • Android device? Um Its Chrome OS

          Android OS is on the phones and tablets.

          Don't like it...don't bash it....explain why or simply just don't buy it.

          ~Best wishes on your choice.
          • wasting your time

            That one wouldn't understand the difference.
        • Don't read articles do you?

          I can tell by the half-baked comments you write.
      • TV

        @5hagg1 - will that work? - does it have the right ports and such?
    • Winblows?

      My, aren't you the clever one.
      Hallowed are the Ori
      • Errr

        And childish.
    • I'd like to buy with no OS

      Then it's up to me what I put on. The Asus boxes look great for the price but I'd much prefer to have 'nix on it than ChromeOS. Android would be a much better choice than ChromeOS. If MS would sell me windows for $20-$25 then I might consider that also but the current price is just too high for a cheapo box.
      Alan Smithie
      • Since it comes with ChromeOS

        The OS portion of the price is likely less than $10, not the $100 people pay for pre-installed Windows.
        Would paying $10 for an OS you delete really be a deal breaker?
    • So you'll replace Winblows with DroneBox?

      Or does ChromeBotched make more sense?
      • That's the most sense you've made all week

        Kudos William.Farrel. I was starting to think you were just some buggy code running amuck.
    • flop

      this will go the way of the google tv, nexus Q and other google failures.
    • Agreed.

      But is it just me or does this not look like an Apple Mac mini?
      • Not sure...

        Do you look like a Mac Mini? ( no offense - I couldn't resist )
      • It's a box!

        It's a box! The Mini is a box! It's a direct ripoff of Apple's innovative box design language!
  • thin client

    Chrome box makes very good client for running web apps or Windows apps through aikotech thinserver solution
  • Windows dropped from 90% to 75%

    Time to boast?

    If anything ever supplants Windows, it would necessarily start off with less market share than Windows.
    • Errr....

      Where did it say that Windows market share is at 75%? NetMarketShare.com still says Windows' desktop/laptop market share is at 90.72%.