HP unveils aluminium-clad Eee rival

HP unveils aluminium-clad Eee rival

Summary: The HP 2133 Mini-Note PC is being promoted as ideal for schools, although its pricing and features are targeting the same market as Asus's iconic Eee PC

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  • HP has made its first foray into the low-cost subnotebook market that was kicked off last year by Asus with its Eee PC.

    The HP 2133 Mini-Note PC, which is being pushed out to the educational market, is slightly heavier and larger than the Eee, but is also more rugged. It sports a "scratch-resistant" 8.9-inch WXGA screen, while the Qwerty keyboard has a special coating to protect the letters from wear.

    Also featured is HP's 3D DriveGuard technology, which uses a signal from a three-axis digital accelerometer chip to turn off the hard drive if the laptop is dropped suddenly. The notebook comes in an aluminium shell and weighs 1.27kg.

  • The Mini-Note will have an optional VGA webcam, and buyers will have a choice of three-cell or six-cell batteries. Wi-Fi is integrated and Bluetooth is optional.

    The laptop uses Via's C7-M ULV processor, which comes in speeds ranging from 1GHz to 1.6GHz. Via claims that the processor uses just 0.1 watt when idle. Low power consumption — a trait of Intel's Atom processors, which will power many similar notebooks later this year — is seen as essential for the low-cost subnotebook market, as the devices are designed to be carried around in bags as "second laptops".

    The most basic configuration of the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC will cost £299 excluding VAT when it goes on sale later this month. This configuration will use Linux as the operating system, although Windows versions will also be available.

Topic: Hardware

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  • Not much of a competitor

    the whole appeal of these mini PCs is price, they were supposed to appeal to budget users.
    HP's offering, if you include VAT, works out
  • Not cheap but its Linux!

    I guess that HP is being careful not to introduce a product that might compete and undecut its mainstram products. Still the HP name will convnice some people to part with their cash despite the cost difference.

    The really intersesting thing here is this is a desktop where the default option is Linux - the long-awaited rise of the Linux desktop seems to actually have arrived but in a way that not many people predicted. It didn't come from companies announcing whole sale migrations but rather from this kind of low-end hardware erroding the Microsoft's hold on the market in a kind of death from a thousand cuts.
    Andrew Donoghue
  • Competing with the Eee

    G'day harpless - couple of points. Firstly, you'd be lucky to pick up the Eee right now for
    David Meyer
  • @Harpless

    "... what's the appeal when you can get a fully featured laptop, with Windows Vista for
  • HP could take small affordable Laptops to the next level

    I agree with david.

    HP doing this being the size they are and with the respect that they have will really make these devices future alot more sound. Obviously people want small laptops like the Eee so it inevitable but the HP laptop will bring a whole new level of build quality that hopefully others will follow.

    Also the entry level with Linux will be for the right reasons, HP are such a company that they dont need to offer linux, they can just charge you the extra for a windows liscence and people will buy regardless. Not like Dell who introduced Linux as a way simply to increase profit.

    Harpless sometimes i think you should follow the words of Homer, thats Simpson not the Philiosipher. "Never say anything unless your sure everyone else thinks the same" (or near enough)
  • Where's the edge?

    Hi David, I guess what I am trying to understand is what will give HP the edge here? Clearly it won
  • The new Eee won't be as cheap as you think

    When the new Eee 900 - a better point of comparison for its screen size etc than the Eee 701 - comes out, it will cost around the same as the HP. Maybe a bit less. The price of both will, of course, come down with time, but nonetheless the HP isn't as highly priced as you may think.

    Secondly, I'm not ragging on Windows per se (well, not today at least) - it was Vista I was referring to specifically. XP and I still get on fine, all things considering. My personal view is that Linux is almost at the point where it's easier to use than Windows - it really is darn close, and I can testify to this as someone who started using it for the very first time just a month or two ago.
    David Meyer
  • Build Quality and style

    Build quality for one and it looks a lot more stylish than the others which will tempt business users. Can you see sales people and MD's walking around with a XO or Classmate! Didn't think so. They're customers would think they'd just been to Toys R Us.

    Also HP aren't new to making small devices, but now they're making it affordable and offering it as a product everybody likes.