HP updates commercial PC line, bets on ForcePad

HP updates commercial PC line, bets on ForcePad

Summary: HP will be among the first to include the ForcePad, a touchpad designed to mimic multi-gestures on smartphones and tablets, on high-end laptops.

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Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday outlined the latest additions to its corporate lineup and introduced a ForcePad, which is a multi-gesture touchpad that aims to replicate the experience with phones and tablets.

The ForcePad, a feature on the HP EliteBook Folio 1040G1 is being outlined at the company's Discover conference. The Folio 1040G1 is the thinnest and lightest in HP's Elite portfolio and will start at $1,299.

elitebook forcepad

Aaron Slessinger, notebook category manager at HP, said the company is the first to include the ForcePad via an exclusive with Synaptics, the outfit developing the technology.

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Synaptics technology enables multi-finger control and pressure detection so those familiar left click, right click buttons can disappear. Although Folio 1040G1 is likely to be ordered with Windows 7 by enterprises, the ForcePad can make Windows 8 a better experience.

In practice, the ForcePad seemed relatively easy to use, but there is likely to be a learning curve for some. It remains to be seen if the ForcePad, which is only on high-end laptops, is a selling point to enterprises or not.

Overall, the Folio 1040G1 is thin (15.9 mm), 16.1 percent lighter than the previous generation and comes with an all-aluminum keyboard deck. The system is available this month.

Among other additions to HP's commercial PC portfolio:

  • The company launched its latest Revolve convertible notebook, which also serves as a tablet. The tablet doesn't detach but swivels. The Revolve G2 system is spill resistant and has the latest Intel Core chips, Windows 8.1 and a solid-state drive and is aimed at the healthcare industry as well as sales people in the field.
  • The HP Classmate notebook was updated with the latest Celeron chip from Intel and Windows 8.1 and will be available in late January.
  • HP added a new EliteDesk 800 G1 Desktop Mini with 6 USB ports in a case that's one-liter and smaller than most office phones. The system won't be available until April 2014 at $699. A ProDesk 600 G1 Desktop Mini starts at $599.

Topics: Hardware, Laptops, PCs

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  • The Magic Trackpad on Macbooks is like this

    Believe you me, it makes a big difference. I expect this will make Windows 8.x seem a lot more pleasant on the Forcepad.
    • Except when dragging/dropping

      Trying to hold the track pad down while moving it around the screen is the fail point for the MacBook track pad. If you get to the end of the track pad and still need to keep moving its just clinky. There's a certain point when you just need a mouse.
      A Gray
      • nah, just turn on

        "click and drag". go into universal access/mouse & trackpad/trackpad options, select it there. "drag lock" means that you either click again to release or it will release automaticallyafter a few moments.
      • Not true

        The Mac trackpad uses a short delay to allow you to lift your finger, move to the other side of the tablet, and then keep on dragging. Truly a well thought out device.
      • Obviously

        You do not use a Mac. The trackpads handle drag and drop without an issue, as pointed out below. These other manufacturers, such as HP, are years behind Apple. The MacBook is an impressive machine, know matter what feature you might ask about.
      • Can you say Apple Lawsuit ??

        I can see Apple's lawyers biting at the bone to see if anything HP has done warrants a lawsuit ..
    • Logitech as well

      I use a Logitech equivalent on my PC. It is great. I have the Magic Trackpad on my work iMac, it is also good, although I prefer the Logitech experience.
  • Sounds like a workable solution

    I'd like to give it a try when it's in stores
  • This is a good idea: a touchpad rather than touchscreen.

    Over the last year I bought Dell rather than HP laptops, because Dell works better with Windows. HP machines were reported as having the most Win8 installation problems of any other manufacturer, in the Amazon reviews. I used those reviews to decide what kind of computers to buy. So I bought three Dell lappies, the last one at dellauction (a 6510 Lat), just two weeks ago.

    I LOVE THE SYNAPTIC TOUCHPAD on the Lat 6510. It's got just the right tackiness, so I forget about a mouse. Not so fond of the one on the Lat 6530. Love the Acer touchpad, that's what got me hooked.

    Now: if Win8 is really as good with touch as some claim (but many more COMplain), then the way to go is with a larger separate touchpad. I've got in my Amazon shopping cart right now, an Acer Iconia dual screen for Windows 7. That's like a touchpad, but the second screen, is one big touchpad. Might buy it. Secondly, there's a Logitech which is ready for Windows 8 (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0093H4WT6/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pd_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=1XTVUMK2LLUW9&coliid=I26KE4WPOVGKRN ). Might buy that.

    Very good idea, if it WORKS. Big 'if'.
    • Using the current HP EliteBook

      I have using the current HP EliteBook and one thing I notice between this and the latest Dells were the much better touchpads. Even on this ultrabook, the touchpad is very large (about the same size as a MacBook Pro) and when running Windows 8, allows all the charm gestures and such.

      Once you do use a touch screen like the Surface, almost everyone seems to then want to touch their screens to perform gestures as they become second nature. But having both a touch screen and a nicer touchpad like this, that would be the best of both worlds and you can then choose to use the interface of your choice.
      Rann Xeroxx
      • my touch pad on my 2013 HP elitebook

        is still a good generation behind that the last 3 Apple laptops I've owned. The Apple has a "tactility" that only becomes noticeable after a solid few minutes using it. Fantastic experience. With my HP I don't use the touchpad - I need a mouse.
  • Great purchase!

    The laptop HP is robust and the one provide a great user experience, at home we possess one for years and our small daughter doesn't treat him very well, but the machine tolerates well.
    luis river