HP's business-oriented cloud takes aim at AWS

HP's business-oriented cloud takes aim at AWS

Summary: The company is planning to launch a business-focused cloud offering third-party apps and services, as it looks to take on Amazon Web Services


HP is plotting a business-oriented cloud that is set to challenge Amazon Web Services's cloud market share.

Zorawar Singh, senior vice president and general manager of HP's cloud services department, told The New York Times's Bits blog on Friday that HP is "not just building a cloud for infrastructure". Rather, HP wants to include more business-focused features on a platform filled with third-party apps and services. HP also plans to entice at least developers over to the platform with support and tools for the most common software languages, such as Ruby and Java.

Customers will also be treated to an online store with software available for buying or renting for use in the HP public cloud. Billing and authentication details are still being worked out.

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  • It's becoming very interesting watching the impending battle between the major vendors for control of the cloud. AWS, Microsoft, Google, HP, Apple are drawing the lines for battle and it will be interesting to watch how it develops over the next 2-3 years.

    Below these major players who will typically aim at the Enterprise and Corporate size business, SMB's will alway get the best value and support from smaller more flexible providers in exactly the same way they always have with traditional IT services. The majors will never offer that same levels of high touch that the smaller business depends on. This is also the general feedback our our client base which supports other research. The good news here is there is as there always has been a strong place for everybody in the Cloud!

    Phil, Cloud4 Computers.
    Phil - Cloud4 Computers