HP's 'fanless' Chromebox has a fan inside

HP's 'fanless' Chromebox has a fan inside

Summary: Is the word 'fanless' now little more than marketing fluff? It seems so, with HP marketing its new Chromebox as fanless when it is indeed cooled by a fan.

TOPICS: Hardware

Is the word 'fanless' now little more than marketing fluff? It seems so, with HP marketing its new Chromebox as fanless when it is indeed cooled by a fan.

(Source: HP)

According to the website, the "silent operation of the fanless design prevents dust from being funneled through computer case" but the eagle-eyes folks over at FanlessTech came across a 'product end-of-life disassembly' document on HP's own site and discovered that the Chromebox is indeed kitted out with a fan. And that fan will make a noise, and it will pull dust inside the system.

(Source: HP)


Given that the Chromebox is powered by a 17W CPU it was unlikely that it would be fanless, so it's interesting to note HP marketing it as such. 

Topic: Hardware

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  • Outsourced design.

    I am sure HP specced the design to some cut rate shop and never actually checked the product to see if it met the specified requirements.
    • You're too kind.

      Your look for an innocent explanation.

      The more obvious explanation is that HP's marketing department thought that they could get away with it.

      Perhaps in court, their lawyers would claim that by fanless they meant that nobody liked it.
      Henry 3 Dogg
      • Although the marketing was clearly written by a idiot

        Consider the sentence . . .

        "The silent operation of the fanless design prevents dust from being funnelled through computer case"

        So in fact it isn't the [fictional] fanless design that doesn't draw in the dust, but in fact the silence itself that deflects dust that would otherwise be drawn into [the] case.
        Henry 3 Dogg
  • Marketing stuff is often less than reality

    Like the "One Windows" marketing where there are many Windows and not "One Windows".
    • Windows itself

      Or how MS made Windows 8 to default to a mode that doesn't use windows, only fullscreen.
  • It depends on what the definition of "is" is

    One definition of "design" is "a plan or drawing". So if you wrap the computer case in the silent fanless drawing, you will indeed prevent dust from entering.
    Mac Hosehead
    • Redefine "Fan"

      "Fan" is also short for "Fanatic" and is used to describe people who support particular sport teams, movie stars - or even computer style (Apple & PC fanboys & fangirls).

      So a fanless design could simply mean - the design didn't win any fans, ie. nobody really likes it that much.
  • Marketing fluff?

    I'm sorry but there's a big difference between marketing fluff and false advertising. If HP is claiming this device is "fanless" then they are simply lying. No fluff needed.
  • Sounds just as misleading as 'Unlimited Broadband'….

    Anything about there being a fan in the small print. Trading standards anyone ?

    Yeah we all know Chrome Hardware is pretty gutless but no fan who are they trying to kid.
    • and the small print. . .

      but the Broadband literature will generally refer to Unlimited* Broadband

      * Unlimited is subject to our fair usage policy, a copy of which is available on request.

      Does HP indicate that the claim is subject to their Fair Ventilation Policy which requires that all devices should contain a minimum of one fan, even when fanless?
      Henry 3 Dogg
  • maybe...

    it's a rotational heat distributor.

    but, sounds more like sloppy marketing.
    • Or...

      a gyroscopic stabilizer. You know, to prevent it from spontaneously flipping itself off the desk or something...
  • Maybe they mean fanless in that

    since it's a Chromebox that it has no fans, as is "fan base"?

    • Close, but no prize.

      The "HP" chromebox has no fans.
  • The fan in my fanless computer went out.

    How do you order that part, if it does not exist?
    • How do you order that part, if it does not exist?

      Send by Pony Express
  • Big fines for companies that do this.

    It's not marketing fluff, it's out and out fraud. Then when they get found out it's the usual bull about it's a mistake and we'll retrain staff blah blah.

    Alan Smithie
    • It would actually be worse

      if HP had stated that a Chromebook model had a fan and the hardware needed a fan, but the fan was left out. In this case, overheating would be a potentially serious issue.

      Am not saying that this "fanless" Chromebook with a fan is not a problem, though.
      Rabid Howler Monkey
  • Simple

    The DESIGN is fanless, the actual product isn't.

    Designers aren't concerned with little things like reality and implementation.
    And what true implementer gives a shit about what stupid doodles designers come up with.
    • Not adequate.

      Note that HP claims that it is the "Silent operation of the fanless design" that stops the dust being ...."

      So, so long as the design was fanless and the fanless design continues to be silent, this should still work.
      Henry 3 Dogg