HP's first Chromebook specs leaked

HP's first Chromebook specs leaked

Summary: Details of HP's upcoming Chromebook have been leaked, suggesting that the company is preparing to launch a new system powered by Google's Chrome OS imminently.


Details of HP's upcoming Chromebook have been published onto the company's Web site ahead of its launch.

(Credit: HP)

Detailed in the leaked document (PDF) is a Chromebook branded under the company's Pavilion label. With a 14-inch display--1366x768 pixels--it features a 1.1GHz dual-core Intel Celeron 847 processor, 2GB of RAM, Intel HD graphics, and a 16GB solid-state drive (SSD). It also features a front-facing webcam, and a full complement of connectivity options, including USB 2.0, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and HDMI ports.

Thanks to the screen, HP is calling the device "the world's first full-size Chromebook," a change that means Chromebooks are shifted out of the netbook category and placed firmly in the notebook category. The increase in screen size should be welcomed by those who want a larger screen and a less-cramped keyboard.

This system is packaged into quite a thin form factor, just 0.83 inches thin at its thickest point, which means that there's no excuse for leaving it at home.

The device is powered by a 4-Cell 37WHr 2.55Ah lithium-ion battery cable of powering the system for up over 4 hours. The spec might not seem all that impressive, but remember that this system is powering Google's Chrome OS, and not Windows, which means that a more meager specification should suffice.

(Credit: HP)

Also, don't let the 16GB of storage put you off. That might get cramped rather quickly on a Windows system, but Chrome OS is built with cloud storage in mind, which means that it will be more than enough for this machine.

The advertisement embargo date for the leaked document file is February 17, which means that we should get an official announcement in the next fortnight.

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  • Sleek

    That's a nice looking Chromebook, but it's success is going to depend on the price. Chrome OS is gaining traction; sorry to all of those who predicted it's failure.
    • Wish they were developing webOS instead

      Stupid, stupid company
      • Definitely possible

        I know its already available on the HP Academy (Student Store) and their asking price is $330, which is not too bad. Certainly more affordable than the average ultrabook ($440+).
        Richard Estes
      • RE: Wish they were developing webOS instead

        WebOS was doomed from its introduction. The year it was introduced, all of their tablets were marked for clearance during the holiday season, which, bumped up Android's market share because people were buying up HP TouchPads at bargain basement black friday prices so they could put Android on them because WebOS did not support flash, and by extension, Netflix.
        Richard Estes
    • ChromeOS is Gaining Traction

      It is? I've never seen one nor ever heard anyone even speak of it. It remains the worst idea I've ever heard in computer history.

      I have ChromeBook, too, except that it is a full Windows 8 PC and I downloaded Chrome for free (not that I use Chrome).
      x I'm tc
  • we'll just have to see

    For those pundits who said "Ha - what are OEMs going to do - run Linux?" in response to windows 8 complaints.
    • .

      Chrome OS is not really Linux (somebody here on ZDNet called Chrome OS "bastardized Linux" which I think is fitting). It runs on the Linux kernel, yes, but can it run Libre Office, Gnome Player, or Eclipse like say Fedora can?
      • true but

        traditional "Gnu/X/Linux" (what the average person means by "Linux") in its typical form can't really be a huge consumer success on the desktop/laptop. In the same way that a monster truck isn't the best commuting vehicle for most people. At least chrome OS is still relatively open source and based on the dependable linux kernel.
      • Let me give you some perspective on your perspective:

        Basically, what you are saying is that the Chromebook is not a Linux netbook. So, does that mean that you discredit the PlayStation 3 as a Linux device because it does not have a traditional Linux shell or good command line access? Because that's not entirely true. All you need to do on a chromebook to access the command line is flip a switch (for the Series 5) and then hit Ctrl+Alt+--> (which is F2 on a traditional keyboard). Also, I'm sure you can access a command line on a PS3 if you try hard enough. What makes Linux is the command line itself, and not the GUI that is used to cover it up.
        Richard Estes
  • This is getting interesting

    I wondered how long it would take to gain traction. People don't recognize Linux, they do recognize Chrome and Google. Also Android with phones.
    D.J. 43
    • Errrr. Huh?

      The "Google" name was included when Chromeboxes came out a couple of years back. Did they sell? Nope.
      While netbooks were out, 80% of returns were because Linux was on them. What is Chrome OS? Linux.
      So the difference is? Nothing.
      This could hit Google. People get p?ssed off that what they bought could reflect badly on them.
      Unsure where Chromebooks are even sold except for the US and maybe a couple of other countries.
      • I could make you eat your words

        The current asking price for the HP Pavillion Chromebook is $330 on the HP Academy and its current status is "SOLD OUT", so before you go throwing "Facts" at the others in this forum, please check them with EVIDENCE ans STATISTICS first. Thank-you for your time, and I apologize for the all-caps.
        Richard Estes
  • Paying $400 for a browser is pointless

    No wonder HP screwed up 11 billion for the purchase of a fraudulent British company
    • No price was listed in article

      So yes your comment is pointless.
    • No, your posts are poinless

      As usual I might add.
      • Correction

        POINTLESS, just to make a stronger POINT
        • And what exactly is your point?

          Chrome book is a computer? , LOL... In the world of computers Chrome book is an insult to human intelligence... do you get that?

          Probably you won't.
          • What?

            And do you still believe the earth is flat
          • @Naggo5

            There is a society for you guys, named flat earth society.
            Ram U
          • Sorry, that was supposed to go to D.T.Long

            Ram U