HP's latest iPAQs

HP's latest iPAQs

Summary: HP has unveiled a couple of updated iPAQs: a smartphone and a handheld with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

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  • iPAQ Voice Messenger
    The iPAQ Voice Messenger runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard and has a 20-key keypad. Many of the keys sport two QWERTY characters, while a predictive text input system helps with date entry.

    As its name suggests, the iPAQ Voice Messenger is best suited to voice communications and text messaging.


  • iPAQ Data Messenger
    The iPAQ Data Messenger runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. It has a sliding keyboard and 2.81in. screen. It features the same predictive text entry software as the Voice Messenger.

    Thanks to its keyboard and bigger screen, the iPAQ Data Messenger is best suited to data-centric tasks and the mobile web.

    Expect full reviews of both of these new iPAQs in due course.


Topics: Smartphones, Reviews

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