HP's new Windows 8-powered 'All-in-one' PCs: gallery

HP's new Windows 8-powered 'All-in-one' PCs: gallery

Summary: HP has just unveiled four new 'All-in-one' systems - HP Spectre One, HP Envy 23, HP Envy 20 TouchSmart and the HP Pavilion 20 - in a range of prices that should suit all budgets.


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  • The keyboard and touchpad are designed to match the chassis of the Spectre One -- a design that is becoming all to familiar.

    Image source: HP.

  • The Spectre One features Ivy Bridge CPUs, a high-end Nvidia GPU and up to 8GB of RAM.

    Image source: HP.

  • The Spectre One might be thin, but it can be kitted out with 3TB of storage, and a solid state drive for fast boot up.

    The system also features HP Connected Remote, Photo, Music, and Backup.

    Image source: HP.

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  • Hey, another klunky ZDNet slide show

    eWeek's technology for slide shows is pretty good. Maybe you could license it. These slideshows are utterly painful to watch, due to all the flashing and scrolling.
    • Yes! They are a pain.

      Please, many of us avoid using the slideshow because it's painful. Fix it!
  • Don't want

    Windows 8 + non-touchscreen = don't want

    I could see myself upgrading a non-touchscreen capable PC to win 8, but if I'm going to buy a PC with win 8 out of the box, it's probably going to include a touchscren.
  • Lenovo A720 ...

    Eats this thing's lunch. I saw a few of them and they were absolutely beautiful - the stand being able to adjust it completely flat to completely vertical was amazing. The touch screen + Windows 8 made me go, "Ohh so THATS how Windows 8 is supposed to work on a desktop." (The models were showing it off using Windows 8 and not Windows 7). I was honestly blown away. My only complaint was that the resolution of 1920x1080 resolution on a 27" display that you view so up close was a little too low. If they bump up to 2560x1440 I would snag it in a heart beat.
    • Wow

      Wow, just Googled it.

      Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. I want a desktop like that, with a screen that pivots for touch input.
    • I agree. HD resolution on any 27" display lags behind the competition.

      Perhaps that is the reason why no 27" display was offered.