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HR & Innovation

Summary: Lots of innovation is popping up in HR. But, the innovation may be springing up because of the actions of job seekers and employees but not the creators of HR software. In this four part series, we look at the impact these innovations are having on HR processes; how mobile, social, video and other tech is changing HR processes; and, what vendors need to bring to the upcoming HR Technology Conference in October.


Part 2

Where’s the Video in HR?

We need a new word to describe the cell phone and smart phone. A telephone is essentially a device that facilitates a verbal, non-visual conversation between two or more people. Smart phones can add data and computing to the mix. But the modern, mobile device, when powered by a 4G or better network, can do full motion video to full motion video meetings.

Business processes were never designed for the video world. I want to hold my mobile/smart device in front of a misbehaving washing machine and have a technician with the manufacturer see, hear and fully understand the totally of this machine’s failure. I want that person to walk me through the repair I should make. And, if I need to, I’ll move the phone so the remote tech can get a better view. Customer service processes are not ready for video as is much of retail. But, they’ll change pretty soon or fade into the sunset.

In HR, I’m not sure HR people or vendors are ready for video either. HireVue has an interviewing app that job seekers use. A number of questions are given to a job seeker who then uses a webcam to respond. The process makes short work for both the employer and job seeker. It’s efficient, to be sure.

But, couldn’t and shouldn’t video be used in performance evaluations? How about in exit interviews?

Video is present in some remote learning applications but it seems that video is kind of pigeon-holed there. Video will become much bigger in HR soon but are you anticipating it?

Is your HR department ready for the day an employee records some miscreant’s harassment on their cell phone? Wouldn’t you rather have them upload the evidence to your HR software and not to YouTube? Oh, that’s right, there is no place in most HR software to receive, catalog, process, etc. video like this.

Why are job descriptions in text format only? Wouldn’t workers find a video version more engaging, more useful?

So, for all you vendors coming to the HR Technology Conference, tell me where video fits in your product roadmap and your new visions for HR processes.

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Brian is currently CEO of TechVentive, a strategy consultancy serving technology providers and other firms. He is also a research analyst with Vital Analysis.

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