HSBC Bangalore suffers £233,000 security breach

HSBC Bangalore suffers £233,000 security breach

Summary: Employee is suspended after customer accounts are compromised

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A security breach at HSBC's offshore data-processing unit in Bangalore has led to £233,000 being stolen from the accounts of a small number of UK customers.

A 24-year-old worker at the HSBC operation has been suspended after being accused of accessing confidential account information and passing it on to criminal associates in the UK.

Fears of the security of offshore business process outsourcing (BPO) operations will be heightened by reports in India claiming the HSBC employee also used false records to obtain the job at the bank. The HSBC worker was caught when the fraud was detected by the bank's security systems.

A spokesman for HSBC told ZDNet UK’s sister site, "Our internal security team discovered one of HSBC's staff in Bangalore caused customer data to be leaked leading to a small number of accounts from the UK being compromised."

He declined to comment any further on the details of the breach but said all affected customers — reported to be around 20 in number — have been contacted and will be fully reimbursed for any losses.

The HSBC spokesman added: "We are taking data protection seriously. These systems are sophisticated and in place to help track these things down."

Sunil Mehta, vice president of India's IT industry body Nasscom, insisted such security breaches are not unique to offshore operations and can happen in any country.

He said: "India, with its strong legal system and its independent judiciary, is a country that takes this responsibility extremely seriously. Nasscom will work with the legal authorities in the UK and India to ensure that those responsible for any criminal breaches are promptly prosecuted and face the maximum penalty."

Just last month Nasscom created a new regulatory body to help improve data security among India's offshore IT services and BPO companies.

Topic: Government UK

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  • HSBC's World-Class Service a fact/ joke
    ..Managers at the same place have caused a loss of millions of pounds. This is put under wraps and downplayed. At Hsbc they call it World-Class Service!!!

    A big hullabaloo is being made about the fraudsters 233,000 vain effort.

    This is what happened:

    At our Bagalore call centre a guy detected two major security flaws and reported them to his manager. His Indian manager immediately saw it as a way to take advantge of and gain credit. This was becausethe TM knew the guy was good and must have detected something important especially as presented a paper in June but refused to give details without proof.

    However the agent refused and the TM's
    senior manager too dilly dallied for a month and a half, finally the guy left in the begginning of Aug, where he was tricked into resigning. At Hsbc they call it World-Class Service!

    Do you think senior managers did anything, well they are busy massaging thier egos and INEFFICIENCY with that stiff upper lip and a supercilious smile, a legacy of the British.
    At Hsbc they call it World-Class Service!

    This is Hsbc for you. its a very nice place but don't be too pro-active, or you had it. Come to work, have fun and go home. The fool dared to detect and tell the great Hsbc they had errors.
  • Most Indian managers are useless, not new. Always pushing their peopleof their state, their language speaking or of their caste at the cost of real performers.

    Not just Hsbc even at most places they do not select good guys but 2nd rate as they can be twisted around. Forget that they harm the business.

    Managers are so stupid, in the last 6 months they demand stability, so candidates can be stable but if they do not know proper english or have no communication skills its ok, they are stable. Thier so blind.

    Another main reason call centre in India have a bad name, too many youngsters who have no idea or do not use the product they advise customers, hence no quality advice. Min age should be 28 to 30, as at least they know something.

    Not tough to believe they screwd up in Hsbc, I know a few guys working there who say most things are fixed for favourites. Corrupt ans shameless managers, they go on while the British and American bosses watch and back them coz its their country, guess what the'll then blame bad quality of service of Indians if they have to shift out of India!!!
  • Big talk by Hsbc, Cheapo India Hsbc same as any cheap company. Snatch credit forget to block the security holes. How can they penalise an employee for not revealing details to a manager. Agree with you vicky, i got quite a shock.

    World class Hsbc throws out good guys retains, is that not what India is famous for - CORRUPTION.

    We have to disconnect and redial as english of most guys in India is very bad or they simply can't understand the problem. Now we know, they have a bunch of useless managers and arse kissing useless reps.......Cheapos
  • Another possible fraud by female, never investigated by Hsbc seniors at Bangalore, India.

    When Hsbc came to know one of its female employees was security-compromised, that is she was running around with her pickup driver. He used to call he r 3-4 times a day and particularly after her shift.

    This when employees cannot give thier number to drivers, strictly prohibited. It is known employees are compromised thru the opposite sex. Are you aware by servicing her what info of customers was passed/ leaked out.

    Her name Diana (has 2 names, not raised a doubt), when this brought to the attn. of senior management, they did nothing, the Asst Vice President just expressed concern butdid not lift a finger. Why waste time attitude, its about UK right- let's go for that party....

    All this took place in the Uk's Bangalore Call Center. She is still moving around with the driver, albeit a bit carefully. It was never verified if anything ever happened, if details were compromised. Hsbc will sing a different song and spend vast amount of its customer money if anything comes to light.

    Want more info mail me at:
  • HSBC's World-Class Service a fact/ joke ..Managers at the same place...

    Maybe it should just be drilled into users not to give details out at all?
    Trust me i can help