HTC announces Desire 510 with LTE and Dot View case support

HTC announces Desire 510 with LTE and Dot View case support

Summary: HTC continues to round out their smartphone profile with a new Desire designed to bring LTE to those who cannot afford a high end smartphone.

HTC announces Desire 510 with LTE and Dot View case support
(Image: HTC)

As people come to realize the true cost of their phones, many are looking towards the lower end of the market. HTC just announced the Desire 510 designed to bring LTE to the masses.

Due to regional carrier pricing, HTC did not reveal the MSRP in their press release, even though their focus here is launching an affordable LTE device. As I recently mentioned in my affordable smartphones article, Nokia and Motorola offer some compelling options at low prices. The Nokia Lumia 635 has LTE and is available for as low as $99 with no contract while the Moto G with LTE is $219. It remains to be seen if HTC can offer a compelling device in this price range.

Specifications for the HTC Desire 510 include:

  • 4.7 inch 854x480 FWVGA display
  • Android 4.4 with HTC Sense and HTC BlinkFeed
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU
  • 8GB internal storage and microSD card slot for up to 128GB more
  • 1GB RAM
  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, DLNA, and GPS
  • 5 megapixel rear camera and VGA front facing camera
  • 2,100 mAh removable battery

The HTC Desire 510 will be available in white and grey polycarbonate material. HTC will also have their HTC Dot View case available for the device.

HTC's Peter Chou stated the following:

The industry has been talking about the 4G effect for so long now that it’s easy to forget that only a small selection of top-end devices are taking advantage of the technology. Owning the latest and greatest technology shouldn’t be reserved for those with the highest budgets. People today should expect their smartphones to double as mobile entertainment hubs.

It will be available around the world, including in the US. Local pricing and availability will be announced by regional carriers closer to launch.

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  • HTC Desire original in its own day (back in 2010)

    was a great phone at that time. I had an eye on it for a long time, finally settled for EVO 3D because of 3D.
    Ram U
  • HTC BEST of all

    nice phone.... HTC i love it
  • looks nice...

    I've been looking at phones on prepaid carriers lately, since Cricket announced they were discontinuing tethering on their plans. AT&T's GOPhone prepaid service carries the HTC Desire 610, with similar specs (including the same screen resolution as above) for $200.00. I played around with one in the store, and was reasonably impressed. While screen sharpness was (obviously) nothing to write home about, it nonetheless allowed for a perfectly serviceable experience. My biggest complaint was the somewhat awkward form factor, which basically copies the M8, including boom sound speakers, but in plastic. I'm not sure I like boomsound enough to justify the odd look and large size of the 610. The 510 pictured above, however, looks quite nice, and I could easily see myself giving it a go, as long as HTC has followed their recent practice of including the Aptx bluetooth codec even on their cheapest phones.
  • HTC should make the OS on all its Phones a choice...

    Android or Windows ... Expand their market with very little extra work.
    Oh, you guys ... dual boot??? Forgetaboutit. That's not a consumer scenario.
    • high end

      They've done so on the high end M8, probably not a bad idea to do the same for a low end device, too, to get a feel for where potential Window phone sales are strongest.
  • Battery life is essential

    Windows phone on nokia devices is by far and away the most battery efficient OS I have ever used on a mobile device I can literally go 3 days on a single charge using my phone as I always did with IPhone and Android, and the touch that everyone hates so much on the PC is actually spot on where mobile is concerned, so maybe MS are not as daft as people think!

    Whatever the difference is, surely cannot be that difficult to emulate the usage in other OS's? Can it?
    Carl White
    • My point is....

      Cost is important, but if a phone doesn't last the day comfortably, then whats the point? Have we gone to far? Or is it simply that cost cutting and shrinkage has led us to this trade off with battery life?
      Carl White
  • Phones like this

    along with the Moto G and moto E, makes me wonder why anyone would buy an android phone on contract. Even high end phones are affordable these days, like the Nexus 5 and the One plus; assuming you can get one.