HTC announcing their next flagship smartphone on 25 March

HTC announcing their next flagship smartphone on 25 March

Summary: We have seen lots of rumors of the next HTC One and in a month we will see what HTC has come up with. The launch event will take place in NY and London.

HTC announcing their next flagship smartphone on 25 March
(Image: HTC)

If you were hoping to see the next HTC One device at Mobile World Congress next week you can now cross that off your list as HTC just sent out press invites for a 'Flagship Smartphone Announcement' taking place in New York and London on 25 March. I will be there with my trusty HTC One in hand and bring you all the news about this next device.

HTC just announced their HTC Advantage program for the US market. It looks like March is going to be a busy month for HTC and I hope this new device can help bring back some stability to the company.

Samsung is holding an Unpacked event the day before Mobile World Congress where it is highly likely they will be showing off the new Samsung Galaxy S5 and maybe even an updated Galaxy Gear. With HTC's event a month after Samsung, it is going to be interesting to see who can get their new device into the hands of consumers first.

The HTC One was universally reviewed with very high marks, most of the time higher than the Galaxy S4, yet it didn't have the sales HTC needed to strengthen their place in the market. Apple has shown that a single new device can result in financial success and 2014 is definitely the year HTC needs to make it big.

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  • .... BUT ....

    It's running Androoild ....
    • What, you were hoping for a Windows Phone?

      I think the 8X remains the best WP device out there, but Nokia runs that ship, now.

      Any chance HTC /are/ working on any more WP devices?
      x I'm tc
  • Is it support wireless Charging?

    They release the launching date but still the main question is that Is it Android or Window phone? Before reading this post recently ordered Wireless Charger from for my HTC DNA. So still doubt is there that is this set also support Wireless Charging? I think we have to wait for the date 25 March.
  • low battery problem

    Used to have an HTC but overnight drop in battery power is terrible, so change Nexus 5, get a wireless charger from no problem now