HTC First UK launch may be delayed indefinitely due to US customer feedback

HTC First UK launch may be delayed indefinitely due to US customer feedback

Summary: HTC released their Facebook-focused First about two months ago and then the priced dropped to just 99 cents earlier this month. Reportedly, Facebook may be delaying the UK launch as it looks at changing the Facebook Home experience.

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HTC First UK launch may be delayed indefinitely due to US customer feedback
Image: HTC

Back when the HTC First Facebook phone was announced I asked if the backing from Facebook was what HTC needed to succeed with the One and First. According to Engadget's sources it looks like First may just go the way of the Microsoft Kin as the UK launch is delayed and may never happen.

A couple weeks ago AT&T offer a 99 cent promotion just a month after release. Some unconfirmed reports state that the HTC First is on the way out at AT&T and this 99 cent promotion is just a way to get rid of some inventory before the device is pulled from their offerings.

Engadget confirmed with EE in the UK that it was Facebook's decision to delay the release of the HTC First as they continue to work on a better Facebook Home experience. With a long delay, there doesn't seem to be much of a compelling reason to sell a phone as the market continues to move forward.

I haven't used the HTC First myself, but from what I hear it is a solid mid-range device that can easily be switched to a stock Android experience. A delay like this, if true, is definitely not a good thing for HTC. There was another unconfirmed report that HTC may have sold 5 million HTC One devices so there might be one bright spot for the struggling company.

Topics: Mobility, HTC

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  • Way to go HTC.

    Relying on Farcebook to assist with the release of a product? Considering the flake who runs really should know better.
  • Really hope...

    ...that this is a sign that Facebook has peaked.
  • Funny how

    MS commented on how the facebook home was copying their windows phone tiles design. And look how bad both are doing.
    Also the only complaint about the HTC One seems to be the tiled UI (but is such a great phone its doing OK anyway). Another sign that doesn't look good for MS. The masses *do not* appear to like tiled interfaces.
    • Not the One

      It is not the One that is being delayed, it is the Facebook Phone "First" that is being held back.
      • That's what I meant

    • the metro

      crap was the only thing I HATED about the phone. That didn't change after I bought one, but it was easy to ignore that screen. Then I installed the Apex launcher and the whole horrible mess just disappears.
  • As expected

    Facebook is used my a lot of people, but people don't think that what they do there it's important. Nobody (almost) is going to ruin mobile computing experience because of facebook.