HTC launching biggest ever Here's To Change campaign with Robert Downey Jr

HTC launching biggest ever Here's To Change campaign with Robert Downey Jr

Summary: HTC has long been criticized for their lack of marketing compared to Samsung. They are launching their largest ever marketing campaign with Robert Downey Jr. as the face of HTC.


I have tried out just about every modern smartphone and I continue to believe the HTC One is the best smartphone I have ever used. I believe HTC's lack of marketing and advertisement is one reason they have trouble competing with Samsung even though they make a more compelling product in the One.

HTC is kicking off their largest-ever marketing campaign with Robert Downey Jr. as the new face of HTC. He has signed a two year deal with HTC and they stated he will inject his own style. A sneak peek video is embedded below. The Here's to Change campaign is focused on Change as a brand platform with the first ad appearing on YouTube on 15 August.

Ben Ho, COMo of HTC, stated the following:

HTC's innovation, authenticity, and boldness have mad us the change-makers in the mobile industry and led us to launch what influencers regard as the best phone in the world, the HTC One. Our original and playful Change platform is different to anything else out there and aligns our brand with the same qualities our phones are already known for. With this campaign, we are affirming what HTC's role is in the mobile market which is to define change and to lead the industry in developing the newest and most innovative technologies.
HTC launching biggest ever Here's To Change campaign with Robert Downey Jr
(Image: HTC)

This new Change brand platform will be rolled out in three phases, including what the HTC brand means to people, HTC unique features like BlinkFeed, Video Highlights, and BoomSound, with the third phase focusing on how HTC products empower individuals to drive change in their lives. The campaign will appear at the movies, online, and in digital media. HTC has created a generator that takes the HTC letters (Here's To Change) and presents three words via this page. If you refresh the page, new slogans will appear. Most are pretty silly, but it is still a bit fun to mess with.

Given HTC's continued financial struggles I sure hope a campaign like this can help turn things around. The HTC One truly is a fantastic device that deserves consideration and a strong marketing campaign. Do you think this marketing focus will help out HTC?

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  • Hes the perfect pick but I just dont see any advantage to the One over the

    1020. Nokia should have been the one to hire him. HTC too busy with the android race to the bottom.
    Johnny Vegas
    • The advantage is that the One is more likely to sell in large numbers.

      Nokia would have to settle for second rate 'has-been' talent, (Pauley Shore springs to mind) because they just can't afford to pay the going rate for someone like downey due to continued financial issues primarily relating to windows phone.
      • We can see why they call you DrWrong

        because you never say anything of value, just your usual anti-MS swill, which is always wrong.

        But then again, it IS fun watching you squirm, since your so easy to read - it's killing you that Nokia is getting first rate reviews for their phones, while your company can't seem to make anything right anymore.

        More popcorn!
        William Farrel
  • I recognize those 2 guys fawning over that car

    I saw them in a corporate photo working over at Google...
    William Farrel
  • I just want two things

    1.) removable battery.
    2.) MicroSD card slot.

    When HTC provides one of their One handsets with those two features, I'll trade in my Galaxy S3 THAT DAY.

    Until then, I feel stuck, because HTC has royally neglected the kinds of things that made phones like the Touch Pro2 and the HD2 some of the best ever built.

  • yoyo

    maybe iphone will invite someone~
    August Dis