HTC One arrives on AT&T on 19 April, pre-orders start 4 April

HTC One arrives on AT&T on 19 April, pre-orders start 4 April

Summary: AT&T looks to be the first US wireless carrier to launch the HTC One, and it will be hitting the streets before the Samsung Galaxy S4. The pricing is standard, but you also get a free HTC Media Link HD accessory.


I've been using, and loving, the international HTC One for the past month, and after the component delays, we finally hear positive news that the HTC One arrives on AT&T on Apreil 19 with pre-orders starting on April 4. The price is the same as all other high-end smartphones, $199.99 for the 32GB model and $299.99 for the 64GB model.

In addition to the HTC One, AT&T is throwing in the $90 value HTC Media Link HD wireless adapter so you can enjoy content captured from the HTC One on your big screen.

HTC One arrives on AT&T on 19 April, pre-orders start 4 April
Source: HTC

Given the results of my recent video comparison with the Nokia Lumia 920, I am likely going to pick up a 64GB model to replace my Lumia 920. It's too bad that AT&T will apparently have the exclusive on the 64GB model, and given their hesitancy to unlock devices, I am not sure you will be able to buy one and take it to T-Mobile either.

Specific HTC One experiences

In addition to the Android and HTC software elements, AT&T buyers will also find that AT&T DriveMode is installed on the device. This software helps prevent texting and driving and is a very useful utility that I hope stops this dangerous practice.

Are any readers planning to pick up the new HTC One? Will you be looking to buy one from AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint?

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