HTC One camera utility beats out Nokia Smart Camera app (Gallery)

HTC One camera utility beats out Nokia Smart Camera app (Gallery)

Summary: There is a lot of anticipation for Nokia new Lumia devices with the Smart Camera app, but you can find the same functionality and much more in the current HTC One smartphone as well.


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  • Best Shot

    After taking a series of images captured in Burst Mode you can then have the HTC software figure out which is the best and remove all the remaining pictures.

  • Sequence Shot on the swing

    You can select up to five images from a captured Zoe to put together into one Sequence Shot.

  • Sequence Shot of running

    This Sequence Shot shows the full five images you can capture in one picture.

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  • Smells like payed Article.

    Seems both camera's can do the same. Makes you wonders why to choose a headline like this, may be a sponsored HTC One given to ZDNet.
    Herman Van Der Blom
  • So..

    The HTC does almost same effects as the Nokia... And some others that the Nokia app does not have but you state other Nokia apps already do... But the real question is how the photo's turned out. If the photo's are not as good as the Nokia, your entire article is a waste. But we will never know as you did not post comparisons.
  • You have no idea about function in Lumia smartphones...

    HTC didn't use Nokia microphones only. HTC took inspiration from Nokia photo and video editing apps. Most of this functions are in WP7.8 a WP8(before amber update) devices.
    Zoe is heavy inspired by Cinematograph. So, your conclusion about video editing capabilities of Lumias is totally wrong.
    List of photo and video editing apps (for WP7.8 also, no amber update):
    Cinematograph: you can create short videos with possibility to still or remove some part. Zoe is copy.
    SmartShoot: there are 3 of 5 functions of amber's Pro Cam - Best Shot, Remove Moving Objects, Change Faces.
    Creative Studio: photo post editor.

    In WP phones is very nice function - Photo lens. You have learn something about it.

    HTC One is try to bring Lumia 920 to Android world (don't forget about OIS and low light pictures and videos)
  • Huh?

    Your title is comparative, but nowhere do you actually compare anything other than the existence of functionality. A BMW and a Mercedes both have 4 wheels, an engine, sound system, etc. Is that alone a valid basis for a comparison? Would have liked your feedback on the implementation of these features. Is one easier than the other? How does the quality of the images compare? I usually enjoy your articles, but this one seemed kind of "mailed in."
  • This article shows that HTC beats out nothing...

    You might want to change the name of the article ("HTC One camera utility beats out Nokia Smart Camera app"). tdogg is right - normally when you compare two products, you actually compare *two* products.
  • Bragging...

    This is a strange and somewhat childish article about a guy trying to justify something about his phone.

    Is it because your device has poor image stabilisation, because you won't be update to the latest OS version anymore or because the low-light performance is way below the Nokia offering? We just don't get it.
  • Windows Phone "Lenses"

    No matter what functionality is packaged with the phone, Windows Phone features "Lenses" that allow any functionality that developers can dream up. Nokia itself has several, and there are several third-party lenses on the Windows Phone Store.

    The nice thing is that even more will be available over time. No need to wait for the manufacturer to release new functionality, although I suspect Nokia will be doing just that with regularity.

    What's the expandability of the HTC platform look like?
  • Best Shot

    So, how good is it at actually selecting the best shot. Does it come up with the same selection you would?
  • HTC One camera functions

    The HTC One is a smart looking phone, but I really don't understand how one can try to compare the 4mp camera to an 8 or 13mp camera on the iPhone 5 or the Samsung S4. Yes, that gives it an advantage in low light, but the loss of resolution means that the lack of optical zoom in smartphone cameras is even more severe, and I rarely try to take low light pictures. Put an 8mp camera in it, and then talk to me about fancy software features.
  • Tech News

    Take a Look at this :--