HTC One Car Kit brings its sleek design and functionality to the road: Review

HTC One Car Kit brings its sleek design and functionality to the road: Review

Summary: T-Mobile USA is giving away the HTC Car Kit with an HTC One purchase, and after spending a couple weeks with it, I find it to be an essential accessory. It works well and is priced right, at just $60.


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  • (Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

    Cable attached

    The USB to auto adapter piece is short, so it sits fairly flush with the plug when inserted. You place the USB end into the charger and will see an indicator light when powered on.

  • (Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

    HTC One in the Car Kit

    A nice thing about this Car Kit is that you can easily use it in multiple vehicles by removing the suction cup and unplugging the charger. This is important for me, since I travel for business about once a month and use my phone's GPS system for navigation in rental cars.

  • (Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)


    When you get in your vehicle and insert your HTC One, simply slide it from left to right until it gets to the end; you will see the HTC One power on and launch the HTC Car application (screenshots shown later in this gallery). Both speakers are still fully uncovered, so that great thing in my vehicle without a Bluetooth in-car system is that I can still clearly hear navigation commands and people I am talking with on the phone. I refuse to talk or text while driving, unless I have something like this setup to keep my hands free.

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  • Bluetooth...

    Last Christmas took the family on vacation and, because I'm probably the cheapest human being alive, rented the smallest car that the local no-name-rental company offered. It was a Toyota Corolla, with very basic amenities and a very basic radio. I did notice, to my surprise and delight that the radio had bluetooth. And once I paired my phone I was further delighted to discover that the radio also featured A2DP. So not only was I able to take calls, I was able to play music through the stereo and use Google maps for navigation, with turn prompts muting my music.

    The future is here and it is awesome.
  • Doe it fit a HTC One with a case on it?

    I really like the look and functionality bit I have a care on mine.
    Is there any adjustments or adapters to use the kit with a case on the phone?