HTC One Developer Edition available for pre-order for just $649.99

HTC One Developer Edition available for pre-order for just $649.99

Summary: HTC is making a fully SIM unlocked high-end HTC One available for developers and smartphone enthusiasts like me, and it's priced less than many other high-end smartphones, without contract.


Readers know I am a huge fan of the HTC One, and rather than go with a carrier version, I decided to pre-order the Developer Edition that is fully unlocked and comes with 64GB of integrated storage. At $649.99, it is also priced lower than most carriers, when you buy without a contract.

HTC One Developer Edition available for pre-order for just $649.99
(Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

For example, the iPhone 5 in an unlocked, non-contract configuration is priced at $649, $749, and $849 for 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models, respectively. Thus, comparing 64GB to 64GB, you see the HTC One is priced $200 less than the iPhone 5 and offers much more in terms of high-end specs and features.

You can also now visit the HTC website or your carrier website and pre-order the HTC One on Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. They should start shipping on April 18.

In addition to the 64GB of storage, available exclusively on the AT&T version, and SIM unlocked status, you get a device with an unlocked bootloader. This device will work on AT&T and T-Mobile in the US, with the only restriction being T-Mobile's HSPA+ on the 1700MHz frequency. It will work with T-Mobile's upcoming LTE and HSPA+ on the re-farmed AT&T 1900MHz network.

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  • haha

    that's not cheap for a not so cool smartphone
    • Great Deal!

      _A_M_ You must not have a clue on how much an unlocked off contract phone costs because then you would see a phone with that good of specs for 650 is a great deal.
    • Ha ha to you dimwit

      You a paid samsung troll or a gs owner?
  • Just Bought My First Android Phone - HTC One!

    I'm a long-time iOS user and this is the Android phone I've been waiting for. I didn't want a plastic phone, a tiny non-HD screen, or a contract. I can't say if I'll end up liking Android better than iOS but I'm willing to give it a try for one product cycle. A fantastic price for an unlocked phone with these specs, and getting it unlocked is the icing on the cake.
  • Which carrier are you going to use?

    Just wondering what carrier you plan on using when you get the HTC One. I'm currently using an HTC DNA on VZW. Love the phone but hate the fact that there are some apps that I can't uninstall because of VZW.
    • It doesn't matter

      The Verizon bloatware is installed as a result of it coming from the carrier. Even if this phone worked on Verizon (it doesn't; this is a GSM device), registering its ESN doesn't magically load VZ Navigator onto the handset. Carriers have the unremovable bloatware installed as part of the system image for the units that they sell through the stores. Developer editions get their firmware directly through the OEM and thus are not subject to that sort of installation.

      That said, if you want your bloatware taken off, there's a thread over at that will show you how to root your phone. From there, grab Rom Toolbox Lite from the market and get rid of the apps you don't want installed.

      • re: "It doesn't matter"

        Thanks for your excellent points. I was just wondering if Matthew was going to use the HTC One on T-Mobile or AT&T.

        I'm fully aware of the differences between GSM and CDMA. I am using a Nexus 4 on T-Mobile, HTC DNA on VZW and HTC One X on AT&T.

        I've used Rom Toolbox Pro on my Galaxy Nexus when I was playing around with various roms.
  • Developer Editions

    Does Microsoft offer unlocked "developer editions" of Windows Phone? No.

    Does Apple offer unlocked "developer editions" of Iphone? No.
  • Margins

    Direct to consumer margins are higher, which is why the price is relatively attractive next to other hones at unsubsidized prices
  • Difference between Developer and Regular

    Hello, what's the difference between the developer's edition and the regular besides the unlocked bootloader?
  • Buying off contract

    Exactly how does buying off contract unlocked full price actually save money over a two year subsidized contract?
    • Do the math...

      $650 for the phone plus (we'll use T-Mobile's $30 smartphone plan [100min/unlim text/5GB HSPDA+ per month]) $360/year works out to $1010 for the first year of ownership. Then, another $360 for the mobile service for the second year works out to $1370 over two years. (If you really want to have fun, look at the total cost with a Nexus 4.)

      Now, let's just lowball the price of this phone for a two year contract at, say, $200. And let's assume $90/month for that contract's service cost. Over two years, the service cost alone comes to $2160, and that's not including whatever the cost of the phone is. And if we do add in that $200, you're looking at paying a solid thousand dollars more over two years, plus you're locked to it.

      If you don't want T-Mobile, there's a $45 "unlimited everything" plan using AT&T's network available through Walmart. I've got a co-worker using that on a Nexus 4. I'm using the T-Mobile plan on a Galaxy Nexus.