HTC One hardware and first impressions (gallery)

HTC One hardware and first impressions (gallery)

Summary: It's a simple fact that HTC makes superb hardware and that the HTC One is their new undisputed champion. They did most everything right with the HTC One. See my hands-on report for all the details.


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  • Top of the HTC One

    The power button and 3.5mm headset jack are on top of the HTC One.

  • Right side of the HTC One

    The volume button has a textured feel.

  • Above the display

    One of the stereo speakers is found at the top of the HTC One.

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  • Nice looking phone

    It is a nice looking phone. I love my DNA and its been a great phone. I wish I had known I would have waiting a little longer! But I think I still like the bigger screen Keep us up to date on how that one is compared to the DNA I love these phones more than the Iphone I had.
    • Check out slide 2

      which phone looks the odd ball, the iphone 5, you can barely tell it's there
  • Never again for me and HTC

    HTC is losing sales and market due to its horrible abandoning of product after initial good reviews and fanfare. The HTC Thunderbolt was similarly praised when it came out- I fell for it and so did many others. I bet that phone alone helped millions- including me- leave the HTC brand after lack of software updates, lack of update information from HTC, lack of support from HTC and having a phone that was more like a paperweight than a phone (my HTC Thunderbolt would sometimes take 2 minutes to decide to dial the number I chose on the touchscreen).

    I've owned a Samsung SIII since November 2012- it was great out of the box and is still great (unlike the Thunderbolt which began to show dysfunction and problems after 3 months). The Jellybean update made the SIII even faster and more functional while the long delayed ICS update for the Thunderbolt did nothing to improve (it finally came out in February after a 9 month delay- I am glad I didn't wait around for it because it was worthless).

    HTC may have a winner with the One but I will never find out- they have lost a customer for life.
    • Never again for me and HTC

      same for me... the HD2 is still giving me nightmares. After a few months, supports drops to dead.
      and no SD slot in this new powerfull HTC one is really unforgivable. 32/64GB is really insufficiant for such a phone.. once you start with music and video in reasonable to full Quality.
      Being such a good phone, you want some quality files on that no?!
      • I don't know

        In my experience HTC has been good. My wife had the HD7 when it released in 2010 and she didn't have any issues as a result we upgraded her to the HTC 8x. I had Trophy for 1 1/2 years and same thing, no problems, I moved to a Lumia 920 because I liked the design, quality, camera and Nokia exclusive apps. I think my only reason for not going HTC was I wanted something different than the wife. The HTC One looks promising though I'd only consider it if they released a version for WP8.
    • EVO 4G & MT4Gs...

      I agree completely. And while you're at it you may as well add the EVO 4G and the MyTouch 4G Slide to those that were really played up & then deserted as if we never existed as soon as they sold all they wanted to. It's disgusting. Yeah, they make a good phone but a person also bases their decision to buy on the company & their willingness to hold up their end of the bargain in updates. The MT4GS is nothing but a Sensation with a slide out KB & the Sensation was pushed all the way to JB!!! If I hadn't paid for it they would have called it theft but SOMEHOW when a multi-million dollar company makes false claims about support in order to bolster sales it isn't FRAUD. If they want me to try another HTC after this one they'll have to GIVE the damn thing to me!
    • I agree DJ0114

      My HTC does the same thing. I can literally press a contact to initiate a call and it will literally take 2 to 3 MINUTES to dial. I have learned to wait but when I first started experiencing this I would dial two and three times thinking the phone was not reacting. I think I will get a Samsung next time!
  • Very, very curious, can hardly wait...

    The photos and the description I already read and saw are well. My own experience with HTC is also very good (Touch Dual, Touch Pro, Touch Pro2, Hero, HD2, Desire HD, Sensation, One X, One X+). But for now I can only wait....
  • pitty...

    Too bad HTC chose to bypass microSD and swappable battery, otherwise this phone would be pretty close to perfect by today's standards. HTC built the rezound with ALL the Desired specs at the time and I bought it when it was first released and STILL think its awesome...well unless the Galaxy S4 really 'wows' me, I'll definitely be buying the LG Optimus G Pro. No other phone that I know of offers so much.
  • Nothing missing?

    "As you can see, there is really nothing lacking in the HTC One."

    It appears to be rather blatantly missing a very important feature: the keyboard! Just because Apple managed to trick a bunch of iDiots into thinking that that's acceptable doesn't make it not an ugly, defective design.
    • Keyboard?!

      I too thought a physical keyboard was a deal maker for me but alas.. I never used it on my Evo Shift after I installed swiftkey on it.
  • Count me out

    My wife has an HTC 4G Shift and it has not aged well and has a lot of problems. My Samsung Galaxy S1 was way more durable by comparison. That being said, competition is always good for the consumer so keep at it HTC-maybe you'll get another major hit like the original EVO in the future...
  • On the contrary regarding Expandable memory and Removable battery taking the Apple path of removing a person's choice to have these features will hurt HTC again as LG is following Samsung's path of flexibility with their Optimus G Pro.

    The reasons why many power users chose Android over Apple is because of these 2 simple requirements, and yet, HTC is trying to copy Apple's limitations. They don't even sell the 64GB in my country.

    Removing these 2 features is a devolution. Not an evolution.
    • Battery and Memory

      Yep ... count me in as part of the "I want more choices" clan. I don't mind that other people buy things with fewer options. That in itself ... is an option. Just one I don't want.
    • I would buy a HTC ONE if

      1. it had an SD slot. The SD card should not be in place of internal storage, but in addition to it so you can mount and unmount it to copy stuff on and off.

      2. it had removable battery. I have a spare in my car and another spare in my wallet. I have not used either in weeks, but when I do need them, they are the best thing in the world!
      Having a spare handy means I never have to compromise on usage when battery gets low. None of this "don't call me, txt me" like some iPhone friends often tell me when they run low on juice. I simply have no fear when the battery indicator shows less than 15% unlike an sealed battery user.

      3. didn't use aluminium casing. Maybe it's just me, but I find aluminium cases very unfriendly to hold. They are slippery and you can't prop them up on a table as they just slide and fall flat. Also, it can't be any good for radio tranceivers which is why they have put the antenna on the outside much like Apple.
      I didn't like the aluminium casing on my Zoom, my iPad, Transformer Prime, the macbook and I won't like a phone with aluminium casing. It's not a quality material, they make disposable drink cans from it! HTC got it right when they made phones with rubberised casing like the Desire.
      Be HTC again, don't follow Apple.
  • •Android 4.1.2 with HTC Sense 5?

    In the picture, it looks more like WINDOWS Phone 8 operating system.
  • Not for me

    I'm waiting for a smartphone featuring a 16 core Intel i7 CPU with 128 GM RAM. 4k display would be nice as well.
    I do a lot of Photoshop and really need a bit more computing power.
    Comparing actual smartphone specs with what you got 4 years ago this sounds reasonable to me.
    • Of course

      Are you ready to pay $4000 for it, and have huge openings for fans and enormous batteries? Because that's what it would cost. And it would be enormous. You don't see laptops with such, and there's a reason. It's only been 5 years since the first smartphone revolution.
  • I love my HTC Trophy...

    ...but my only complaint is the touch screen is TOO sensitive. Just barely brushing the heel of my hand against the search icon goes into Bing--very annoying. Does the One fix that? And of course, never again with Windows--too few apps!
  • Size

    Why are all of the top end androids such beasts? I really thought that the 4.3 form factor was the sweet spot. FWIW- I still love my Nexus One for its sleek design.