HTC One: Lock and load, it's enterprise ready

HTC One: Lock and load, it's enterprise ready

Summary: HTCpro, the company's business-ready platform, has added the HTC One to its portfolio. It's plug-and-play with the enterprise, and ready to take on the iPhone's dominance.

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HTC's latest flagship device has become the first HTCpro certified device in the U.S., pitching a broad range of business features to enterprise customers.

The company has been building enterprise-level security enhancements, mobile device management (MDM) and productivity features in order to gain further traction with its business customers — likely in order to gain some share over Apple, the current main player.

The Taiwanese phone maker continues to pitch to the enterprise market with HTCpro, a mobile solution provider for companies and their employees, by ensuring that certified devices are plug-and-play business ready. 

The smartphone, released in March, can be used with an array of mobile enterprise features, pitched at chief information officers (CIOs) and security personnel alike, such as virtual private networking (VPN) functionality that allows users to work from home and connect virtually to their offices through a secure connection.

For the IT manager, the back-end mobile device management (MDM) solution allows for secure password policies and lock-out functionality. HTC partnered with a number of enterprise-focused MDM vendors, such as AirWatch and MobileIron, in order to offer service that allows secure working at home or in the office.

HTCpro executive director David Jaeger said in prepared remarks:

As the first HTCpro Certified device available in the U.S., the critically acclaimed HTC One delivers style and substance with industry-leading innovations and enterprise-ready solutions that meet today’s demanding needs for everything work and life throws at you.

It's also good news for Google, which owns and develops the Android mobile platform included in the HTC One. Though Android remains fragmented and often a headache for enterprise IT managers, Android continues to gain momentum in the enterprise space, thanks to a burgeoning bring-your-own-device (BYOD) population.

Apple's iOS 6, the latest iPhone and iPad operating system was the latest major platform to be certified as FIPS 140-2 compliant in recent weeks. Adding yet another Android device to the mix is certainly going to give governments, above all else, something to think about when procuring new devices.

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  • Governments

    seem to be leaning more & more to sticking with BlackBerry as they see BB10 isn't the same old BB. Having made that fanboy statement I must admit, I'm loving my HTC One
  • built in VPN

    thanks for the update, the new built in vpn functionality will drag HTC to higher levels, as many fans have been using third party vpn software like proxpn, ( ) that needed long configuration procedures, cisco vpn functionality in the latest htc devices is much appreciable advancement.. ty
  • HTC didn't achieve FIPS 140-2

    Your last paragraph implies FIPS cert for the HTC One - i don't see it in their certification list. Maybe it's underway.

    Basically, summarizing, HTC added some features of the type that enterprises look for. Doesn't mean they're certified, approved in any particular context, etc.