HTC One (M8) case roundup: STM, OtterBox, and Tech21

HTC One (M8) case roundup: STM, OtterBox, and Tech21

Summary: The HTC One (M8) is the latest smartphone from HTC and there are already several case alternatives for this slick smartphone. Take a look through these three new choices.


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  • While the back is glossy clear plastic, it has a rubberized feel to make it less slippery. The orange rigid pieces are embedded in the clear plastic and add some color to the device while also making it much easier to hold in your hand. There are openings for the power button, cameras, mics, headset jack, and microUSB charging port. There are integrated buttons that map over the volume buttons. The front is completely open and unprotected.

    The case goes on rather easily, but you will have to do a bit of work to get it up and over the edges of the last side you put into the case. I like that it takes a bit of effort to secure it since that also means it isn't coming off easily.

  • Camera performance is not impacted at all since the openings are spacious and the case thickness is minimal on the back. I like that the back is covered in holes below the solid clear back as that provides additional shock/drop protection and gives your HTC One a rather cool look. The mesh design is from a TPU formula combined with D3O material to give your serious impact protection.

    The Tech21 Impact Mesh is available online for other smartphone models for $34.99. Of the four cases I tested so far, this is my personal favorite.

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