HTC One Max review: Lack of innovation and attention to detail

HTC One Max review: Lack of innovation and attention to detail

Summary: HTC added a microSD card to the HTC One Max, but then threw on a cover that doesn't close all the way. The One Max is a monster of a phone, but doesn't include monster specs to match the size.


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  • Dual camera capability

  • Chromecast in Google Play Music

  • Creating animated GIFs with Zoe capture

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  • Nexus 7 with an LTE?

    What about a super-thin bezel around the screen. Nexus 7 does not have an earpiece.
    Grayson Peddie
  • If Only Spammers Could Get Caught By Project Honey Pot. :)

    (Pardon my off-topic.)

    Even spambots should be zapped for sure. They just keep cropping up. (Sigh) Annoying.
    Grayson Peddie
  • A bit of a sad phone.

    Without any additional features or upgrades, this thing doesn't stand a chance of selling versus the better built HTC One, much less any of its massive screen competitors. I'm not sure why they even bothered releasing this model.
  • Surprised they just added microSD. BlackBerry had for year

    Despite concerns about lack of innovation @ BlackBerry, they've had microSD for nearing a year. Their Z30 blows HTC out of the water and sales still > HTC
  • shoulda coulda

    This is what I expected your iPhone reviews be like
    Daniel Quintero
  • ?

    WTF! This article doesn't mention it but the One Maxx has a removable back cover but STILL can't swap the battery?! What is wrong with HTC?
  • Gadgets

    We always wanting the best gadgets for us, the speed, the weight, multitasking, value for money, flexibility, etc. But best choose is how we gonna use its gadgets according to our needs.