HTC One owner in the UK? No Android 'KitKat' update for you

HTC One owner in the UK? No Android 'KitKat' update for you

Summary: The financially ailing phone maker said it suspended the Android software update on U.K. versions of its flagship HTC One due to "difficulties."

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HTC One owners in the U.K. will miss out on the latest Android "KitKat" update — at least for now — due to "difficulties" with the software.

The latest edition of the Android 4.4 software was due to hit HTC One devices last week, following a tweet sent out by HTC U.K. on February 24. 

But earlier this week, HTC issued a statement saying it was "aware that a limited number of HTC users are experiencing difficulties with the KitKat update," and as a result bailed on all over-the-air updates. 

HTC said it was "working hard to resolve the issue quickly." 

No details were offered on exactly what the issue was, or a timescale in which the problem will be resolved. 

It comes as the latest Android developer stats show that just 2.5 percent of all Android devices are running the latest KitKat 4.4 version, with 62 percent of all devices running the aging Jelly Bean 4.x software. 

Topics: HTC, Smartphones

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  • Pretty misleading...

    The actual information was HTC have noticed a bug in an update they've been sending out so have decided not to release it in more regions until it's resolved.

    I don't see where the financial status of htc is relevent to this particular story - all update cycles have errors (ios7.0 left a load of people with intermittent imessage) i'd sooner they release stable updates than botched ones?

    I just wish android issued longer update for their devices...

    I have one here in the US n the kit Kat works good I guess I'm lucky
    Godfather Johnny
  • The comment about "aging" 4.x

    Was much more impressive when you could point to the majority running 2.x.
    I guess its sad for you when the only horse you have to flog is expired.