HTC One with Nexus User Experience coming to Play Store on June 26

HTC One with Nexus User Experience coming to Play Store on June 26

Summary: The HTC One with Sense is excellent, but many have been asking for a Google Edition. Like the Galaxy S4, a Google Edition HTC One will be launching soon.

HTC One Google Edition coming to the Play Store on 26 June
(Image: HTC)

Last week I wrote that an HTC One without Sense is not an HTC One. I still feel that way. HTC confirmed today that they are indeed launching an HTC One with Nexus Experience and I think that is fine since it gives people the choice that they have been asking for.

This HTC One with Nexus Experience may help people see the strength of HTC Sense on a device like the One. At $599, it is priced less than the Google Edition Galaxy S4 and may be a big advantage for HTC.

Last week I wrote a list of several things that may be lost in a Nexus User Experience device and am very curious to see what the Google Edition provides. One thing it will provide is updates through Google, which alone may be worth the cost of entry.

The official HTC statement about the HTC One with Nexus User Experience is:

A special edition of the new HTC One running stock Android will be exclusively available through the Google Play store in the United States starting on June 26th. This edition pairs the all-metal unibody design, low-light capabilities of the UltraPixel camera and dual front-facing stereo speakers of the new HTC One with the stock version of the latest Android software, Jelly Bean 4.2.2.

While having a Google Edition will satisfy people who don't like Sense, I would also like to hear HTC state that an update for loyal HTC One owners is coming that provides Jelly Bean 4.2.2, accessibility access fixes, Zoe capture/upload directory fixes, and other minor updates to refine the current HTC One with Sense.

This Google Edition HTC One will be a GSM device and will not support the HSPA+ network on T-Mobile. It will have the same radios as the current Developer Edition, which does have AT&T and T-Mobile LTE support with AT&T HSPA+ support.

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  • I look

    at the "pure google experience" as a GUI foundation for others to add customization on top. I think that is the intent of google. In the nexus line, it seems intended for people who are so inclined to root it and theme it and use other 'root only' add ons. This is equivalent to what a 3rd party would do, like HTC and samsung.

    I have a nexus 4, but what did I do - install cyanogenmod on it so that I can put a custom theme and have system wide gestures and hide the navigation bar, etc. Things the stock android won't allow. I'd love to have samsung's multi window feature, but I don't see google doing that (hope I'm wrong). CM would have multi window already, but google apparently put a stop to that.
  • Hope It Works in T-Mobile HSPS+ Band

    I Hope It Works in T-Mobile HSPS+ 1700MHz Band, and its SIM UNLOCKED, if it doesn't support it, it wont sell as much... I had issues with HTC One 64GB Developer Edition on T-Mobiles HSPS+ I was only picking up EDGE and T-Mobile had a few refarm areas with HSPS+ on 1900MHz it was spotty as scooby doo. I had to sell my HTC One 64GB developer to buy me the T-Mobile Brand GTC One 32GB. I also hope the Nexus HTC one comes in 64GB as well with supported HSPS+1700MHz band then I will buy for sure...
    • Nope, no 1700 MHz for T-Mobile

      I wrote about the bands and linked directly to the HTC site where they list the specific bands on this device. It will be a 32GB model without support for T-Mobile HSPA+. Just get a T-Mobile version and root/customize it if you like.

      I prefer the full Sense experience and see little benefit to a Nexus User Experience.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
  • Hmmmmm

    Now I need to get the clean bare version on my dev version One .......
  • 64gb?

    Or 32?