HTC One X upgrade brings Jelly Bean Android and Sense 4+

HTC One X upgrade brings Jelly Bean Android and Sense 4+

Summary: HTC's flagship Android smartphone is now getting its 'Jelly Bean' 4.1 upgrade, adding features such as Google Now and a password-protected SMS inbox


HTC has started rolling out the latest version of Android, 'Jelly Bean' 4.1, to its flagship One X handset.

The rollout began at the end of last week, days after operators started upgrading Samsung's Galaxy S III to Jelly Bean and shortly before HTC releases a souped-up version of the One X, the One X+.

The biggest change in Jelly Bean, compared with earlier versions of Android, is the addition of Google Now, a virtual personal assistant that is in some ways comparable with Apple's Siri.

However, the One X update also brings a new version of HTC Sense, the skin that the manufacturer uses on top of Android.

Sense 4+ offers speed enhancements and a unified video hub, as well as a secure inbox for text messages.

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