HTC provides details on the software update process

HTC provides details on the software update process

Summary: We all know the Android software update process is quite complicated due to all the various parties involved and now HTC pulls back the curtain to help us better understand it all.

TOPICS: Mobility, Android, Google, HTC
HTC provides details on the software update process
(Image: HTC)

In the past one of my major concerns with HTC was the lack of timely software updates. They have done a great job with the HTC One, bringing Android 4.3 soon after release with 4.4 coming soon.

HTC launched a new website, HTC Software Updates, that includes the status of current devices along with a full diagram of the entire update process. I knew there were a lot of parties involved at different stages, but didn't know the process was as complicated as it is. It is also quite clear that carriers have a lot of influence on the update process.

The diagram and detailed information should help give us all a better understanding and maybe a bit more patience when it comes to receiving updates. I see my T-Mobile HTC One is currently in the integration phase with certification and push to customer stages still to come.

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Topics: Mobility, Android, Google, HTC

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  • One thing I see from HTC's graph

    Is that we've got to get the Carrier out of the loop. This is really where the update process stalls and/or slows down.

    I'm sure this process is typical of most phone makers.
    • android needs to have a program like windows phone

      Instant access to updates, simple check of a box to receive updates from windows not the carrier.
      • They do

        It is called Nexus
        • harldy the same

          windows update choice is vendor agnostic
          • Not completely

            I've got a Windows Phone 8 from HTC (8X) and there are delays receiving new updates depending on carriers. I remember a year ago when Portico update was released here in Canada the HTC 8X on Rogers received the update more than a month before I did with Bell.

            Apple is the only who's completely OEM/carrier agnostic. Being themselves the only OEM reduces the wait for drivers for devices and from the start they always forbid carriers to stall updates.
          • ummm my whole point was you can bypass the carriers


            Check the box, check for updates, I had gdr3 months ago.
      • I agree

        Google should be making Android updates directly available, probably for a modest fee. At least, I'd pay to upgrade Android on my tablet from 4.0 to current (saving me the trouble of rooting it and doing it myself).
        John L. Ries