HTC to redesign phones after losing Nokia patent suit

HTC to redesign phones after losing Nokia patent suit

Summary: Some handsets will be modified to sidestep a German court ruling, in order to minimize disruption to customers while it appeals against the decision.


HTC will redesign some of its smartphones after losing a court ruling in Germany to Nokia over a wireless patent, according to CNA.

Courts ruled that the Taiwanese company had infringed on Nokia's patent EP1579613 for a "method and apparatus for enabling a mobile station to adapt its revision level based on network protocol revision level," noted the report.

In a filing to the Taiwan Stock Exchange on Saturday, HTC noted the functionality in question was redundant and no longer used in Germany. "We are investigating modifications for our handsets to remove this redundant technology," the company said.

HTC added the redesign would allow for minimal disruption to customers while it pursues an appeal.

"Nokia is pleased that the Regional Court in Mannheim, Germany has today ruled that HTC products infringe Nokia's patent EP 1 579 613 B1, which enables modern mobile devices to work in older networks," it said in a statement.

The Finnish company noted the ruling was its fourth German patent injunction it has won against HTC to date. Nokia added it first took action against HTC in 2012, and has since asserted more than 50 patents globally against the Taiwanese firm.

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  • Re: HTC to redesign phones after losing Nokia patent suit....

    And so it continues much like the Samsung/Apple law suits. The question that needs to be asked is was it Nokia that forced the issue or Microsoft. One would thought the latter to be the most likely.
  • March of the obvious patents

    IP has a version number that software stacks use to determine which protocol to use. The two versions in main usse is IPv4 and IPv6. Surely IP is older than 20 years. Also there's identifiers in the Ethernet frame which indicate what protocol is used. These are also used by software stacks to identify the various protocols carried such as IP, IPX, ARP, etc.
  • HTC smartphones

    When HTC smartphones come to mind, we often think of their more high-end lineup. Their phone models are getting more sophisticated and refined with each release.
  • Nokia and Microsoft is a perfect fit!

    Both are criminal patent trolls ! Dont support such companies !