HTML 5 Office Web Apps finalised for SkyDrive and

HTML 5 Office Web Apps finalised for SkyDrive and

Summary: Microsoft has taken its cloud-based productivity tools out of preview mode for consumers, and businesses should be getting their Office 365 update any day now.


Microsoft has finalised its HTML 5-based Office Web Apps, which had been in preview stage since July.

Available through SkyDrive and, the new web apps have now been "fine-tuned" to work properly with the finalised Internet Explorer 10, Windows 8 and iOS 6, Microsoft blogger Amanda Lefebvre wrote in a blog post on Monday.

"In this release we've focused on adding editing and formatting controls, consistent co-authoring/collaboration support across the web apps and expanded device support, including touch-friendly editing from tablets," Lefebvre wrote.

Changes in specific Office Web Apps include:

  • New commenting options in Word
  • Audio and video playback support in PowerPoint
  • Support for ink (handwriting) viewing in OneNote

Businesses should note that the rollout on Monday was aimed at consumers. Office 365 customers should get the new web apps as part of the SharePoint SU4 update, which is due any day now.

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  • Double edged sword

    Whilst MSFT must compete with Google docs. ... 'free' integrated versions of email (, cloud storage (Skydrive) and Office (Web Apps) ... are precisely what are required to make the Chromebook a success!
    • Chromebooks have no advantages over W8 notebooks. W8 notebooks on the

      other hand have lots of advantages over chroomebooks.
      Johnny Vegas