Huawei and Intel team up on server, cloud products

Huawei and Intel team up on server, cloud products

Summary: The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding promising to co-operate further on server, datacentre, storage and cloud computing products.

TOPICS: Intel, Cloud, Servers

Huawei has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Intel, signalling the two companies' intention to work together in a number of fields.

The firms will collaborate on new server, datacentre, storage and cloud computing products, with a view to selling them in Huawei's home market of China and elsewhere, the pair announced on Thursday. No further details on the new products were given.

"We have had an excellent collaboration over the past 10 years with Intel," said Zheng Yelai, president of Huawei's IT product line. "The strategic global co-operation MoU on IT will only help to strengthen the Huawei and Intel relationship, and allow us both to innovate around customer demand — providing more efficient, more valuable ICT solutions to our customers."

Huawei most recently used Intel tech in its Tecal V2 server line, which is based on Intel Xeon E5 and E7 processors and was released in July.

On Tuesday, Huawei published a report pledging to upholding cybersecurity. The white paper, written by Huawei's global security officer and former UK government CIO John Suffolk, was seen by some as an attempt to allay concerns that its connections to the Chinese government make its products a security risk to western nations.

Topics: Intel, Cloud, Servers

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  • Hmmm Intel better go through everything with a microscope to

    make sure there's no chicomm surprises in there if theyre going to tie their brand name to this.
    Johnny Vegas
  • Joke right?

    I trust China like Jews trust Palestinians.
    • Business trumps government issues

      Or, at least, there's an apparent disconnect between economy and military... at least until one country sells to another counterfeit goods... cpan had a nice article about that...
  • Why???

    I see a huge amount of downside risk, and very little on the upside. Ask Siemens, GE, and others. Gain a little now, and lose it all later. It sounds like fool's gold to me. Good Luck Intel, you are going to need it.
  • Hypocritical stance by the US government

    You do realize that the US government has backdoors into the telephone & internet structure, right?
    • Wikipedia in of itself is not the most reliable source of information

      Any college instructor, amongst other sources, will not allow Wikipedia as a reference.
  • Watching the watchers

    Here's my secret plan: we embed functions in Intel processors that will spy on the Huawei equipment they are installed in. That way, we find out everything the Chinese find out, plus we collect metadata on what the Chinese want to know.
    Robert Hahn