Huawei Ascend P2: Hands-on with the 150Mbps 4G smartphone

Huawei Ascend P2: Hands-on with the 150Mbps 4G smartphone

Summary: Huawei showed off its 4G LTE-equipped Ascend P2 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. ZDNet spent a little time with it.


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  • Clicking the 'tools' widget gives quick access to things like weather, calculator, voice recorder etc. These widgets are also customisable and provide quick access to services and tools.

    Huawei specifically touts how sensitive the screen on the phone is, but a couple of times I did have to prod it more than once to perform an operation.

  • One of the other tweaks included with the UI is the way in which screen transitions are handled. Unlike stock Android, and most other Android-based handsets, the P2 features a rolling-type motion as you move between different home screens.

  • The handset itself felt pretty well built and on the light side of things, although Huawei didn't say exactly what it weighs.

    At just 8.4mm thin it certainly is thin enough too, coming in 0.1mm thinner than the rival ZTE Grand Memo

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