Huawei expects revenue spike in India

Huawei expects revenue spike in India

Summary: Chinese networking giant expects India revenue to grow 40 percent thanks to 3G expansion and LTE rollout, despite upheavals in country's telecom sector.


Huawei foresees a 40 percent jump in its revenues from India this year, riding on the 3G expansion and LTE rollout in the country and despite India's telecom sector undergoing major upheavals in recent times.

The Times of India reported Thursday that Huawei India CEO Cai Liquin said the country's large-scale 3G expansion and impending 4G, or long-term evolution (LTE), deployment will drive mobile broadband growth. He added that the company's India revenue in 2011 increased 30 percent from the year before to hit US$1.2 billion.

"Last year, we got 25 percent of total 3G equipment order that were made by Indian service providers," said A. Sethuraman, Huawei India's executive director for products and solutions, who added that the local 3G expansion will likely boost its sales for this year.

The company expects equal contribution to its revenue from the three business groups--enterprise solutions, device, and carrier networks, the report noted.

Huawei's projected growth come amid a time when India's telecommunications landscape is in a flux. The country last month unveiled a new telecoms policy that changes how licenses, both telecoms and bandwidth, are allocated, among others. The new laws come after the Indian Supreme Court revoked all 122 2G license agreements issued since January 2008, on suspicions of government fraud.

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