Huawei profit down 22 percent in 1H, blames economy

Huawei profit down 22 percent in 1H, blames economy

Summary: Chinese telecoms giant says challenging market and economic landscape caused lower operating profit of US$1.4 billion for first half of 2012 over last year, despite 5.1 percent rise in sales to US$16.07 billion.


Huawei Technologies says the global economic situation and telecom equipment market remains a "significant challenge", but it continues to maintain robust growth momentum.

In a statement Tuesday, the Chinese firm announced a 22 percent drop in profit for the first half of 2012 to 8.79 billion yuan (US$1.4 billion) from last year. This was despite a rise in revenue of 5.1 percent to 102.7 billion yuan (US$16.07 billion).

"In 2012, Huawei outlined our new pipe strategy and we will focus even further on this approach moving forward to ensure more effective growth and greater efficiency to drive continued improvements in operating performance," said Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei.

She added that the company was relatively optimistic in its operating performance and profitability for the remainder of 2012.

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  • hard to be robust when nobody has money

    To spend...

    So do what "US" companies do- get corporate welfare at our expense...
  • This company makes the worst cell phones.

    The reason there are not making money is because they are making poorly support junk. If the product was good they would be doing better. They are only a small amount cheaper then the next best thing. What they should do is offer better products. Regardless of the economy cheap smart phones sell.