Huawei shows off 4G, fibre and Android

Huawei shows off 4G, fibre and Android

Summary: ZDNet UK has taken a tour of the Chinese manufacturer's Shenzhen campus, which highlights Huawei's latest kit for mobile operators as well as a range of its future technology

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  • Huawei supplies these home gateway boxes to BT for the telco's fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) deployments. FTTH provides faster speeds than FTTC connections — up to 100Mbps rather than up to 40Mbps — but also costs more to roll out.

    Photo credit: David Meyer

  • Huawei has also started to make equipment for the undersea cables that form the nervous system of the internet.

    Equipment such as this repeater forms a very small part of the Chinese manufacturer's business. However, its presence in Huawei's portfolio shows the company is extending further into the territory of western rivals such as Alcatel-Lucent.

    Huawei Marine, a joint venture between Huawei and Global Marine Systems, has already provided the 'Hannibal' link between Tunisia and Italy.

    Photo credit: David Meyer

  • Huawei hopes to get into the burgeoning tablet market with this device, the Ideos SmaKit S7.

    The Android 2.1 tablet has 3G connectivity and can be used as a very large phone with videoconferencing capabilities. Its 7-inch, 800x480-pixel screen is resistive, which means it can also be used for handwriting.

    ZDNet UK's brief hands-on experience with the device found the screen to be quite dull when compared with Apple's iPad. So far, the S7 has only been launched in Australia.

    Photo credit: David Meyer

Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • " FTTH provides faster speeds than FTTC connections — up to 100Mbps rather than up to 40Mbps — but also costs more to roll out."

    Well this statement ain't exactly true now is it, especially about the speed figures quoted.