Huawei shows off Maglev train LTE: photos

Huawei shows off Maglev train LTE: photos

Summary: Representatives from network and telecommunications equipment supplier Huawei last week demonstrated the company's Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile broadband running on the super-fast Maglev train in Shanghai.

TOPICS: Broadband, NBN

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  • (Credit: Josh Taylor/ZDNet Australia)

    Promotional shot of the Maglev train at Huawei's Shanghai campus.

  • (Credit: Josh Taylor/ZDNet Australia)

    The train runs on a magnetic levitation track that stretches for 31km from the centre of Pudong out to Pudong international airport. The train reaches a maximum speed of 431km/h with an average speed of 251km/h and a trip from end to end takes approximately seven minutes and 20 seconds.

  • (Credit: Josh Taylor/ZDNet Australia)

    The Maglev train departs.

Topics: Broadband, NBN


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    Uncle B
  • LOL "rubber wheeled atiquties[sic] from the 1930's"

    Really? Since when were the wheels rubber?

    LOL"draughting[sic] boards"

    Draught like beer?

    "oil dependent and drounding[sic]"


    "Fatted Calf's[sic]"

    I think you mean Fat Cats, dear Uncle.

    What dear Uncle has failed to do - besides show a reasonable command of the engrish (lol) language - is he's failed to let everyone know he's one of those state funded employees who run around the internets tooting China's horn.

    What he has done, and quite clearly, shown the utter dismay that is the Chinese education system.

    Now I don't know the first thing about Mandarin or Cantonese - other then they're two different languages - so I probably won't be running over there using Google Translate to flame China, but hey, that's just me.