Huawei surpasses Ericsson as world's largest telecom equipment vendor

Huawei surpasses Ericsson as world's largest telecom equipment vendor

Summary: China's largest telecom equipment maker knocks off Ericsson from pole position after posting first-half 2012 revenue that outstrips the latter.


Chinese telecoms giant Huawei Technologies on Tuesday reported a 5.1 percent rise in sales to 102.7 billion yuan (US$16.1 billion) for first-half 2012, ended Jun. 30, which surpassed Ericsson's 106.3 billion kronor (US$15.25 billion) over the same period.

Previously the world's second-largest equipment manufacturer, Huawei's latest income is for the first time larger than the Swedish telco player, said Chinese report.

Since 2011, the slowdown in the global market have seen telecom operators worldwide reporting lower income and profits, resulting in even greater competition between telecom equipment manufacturers.

"[Huawei] continues to maintain robust growth momentum, although the global economic situation and telecom equipment market remains a significant challenge," said the company.

The Chinese telco player was "relatively optimistic" about the operating performance and profitability for the remainder of 2012, said its CFO Meng Wanzhou.

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  • Not too hard with illegal state subsidies

    If the EU investigation reveals proof of illegal subsidies to Huawei by the Chinese state (which reports suggest it will), Huawei should face very severe penalties. Cheating in the market must not be tolerated.