Huawei's South Korea contract concerns US

Huawei's South Korea contract concerns US

Summary: Top US officials have expressed concern at reports that Chinese telecoms giant Huawei is set to build a new broadband network in South Korea that Washington sees as a possible spying risk.


Huawei, barred from projects in Australia and the United States over national security concerns, was reportedly selected as a subcontractor for LGU+, a subsidiary of South Korea's LG Corp, to build a Long Term Evolution (LTE) network.

But US defence and intelligence officials and key politicians on Capitol Hill are expressing concerns over the deal, amid fears it could allow Chinese spies access to sensitive communications and even pose an eavesdropping threat to US forces in South Korea and elsewhere.

A senior US official said on Tuesday that Washington was "concerned" about the potential project, because Huawei was excluded from a project to provide wireless broadband services in the United States over similar national security concerns.

A defence official meanwhile said that there were also concerns at the Pentagon and that US force commanders in South Korea had been asked to provide an "assessment" of the potential impact of the deal.

Officials would not say if they had formally raised those concerns directly with the South Korean government.

But signs of US concern may anger China — and leave Washington on sensitive political ground given leaks by fugitive intelligence contractor Edward Snowden about a massive American worldwide eavesdropping operation by the National Security Agency.

The United States, Britain, and Australia have all raised concerns that Huawei's alleged ties to the Chinese state could see telecoms equipment supplied by the company used for spying and cyber-attacks.

Huawei denies it has any direct links to the Chinese state, but Australia has barred it from involvement in the country's new broadband network, while Congress last year called for its exclusion from US government contracts.

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  • The most hypocrite country of the entire World !

    USA is The most hypocrite country of the entire World ! US is concerned about Huawei business in allied countries, but US is spying all around the world, using the NSA huge technological resources and the enormous budget paid by US tax payers !
    • As it should be. They should be doing what's

      necessary to protect their citizens at home and their military forces abroad. Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, etc. all appear to be fine letting terrorists into their countries to train and plot and launch attacks against their own citizens and the US. A couple of successful attacks and dozens of unsuccessful ones and the UK finally wised up.
      Johnny Vegas
      • Yes, protecting its citizens... from democracy

        The NSA uses the argument that it must look at everyone's emails and everyone's internet posts, to check if each person is a 'terrorist'.

        That means the government will be looking into the communication of opposition political parties. That means the government will be checking and saving journalists' contact lists and address books, to check their sources aren't terrorists.

        Meanwhile, democracy goes out the window.

        And you know why there is such sensitivity about South Korea using Huawei routing gear? There was a previous ZDNet article detailing how Singapore and South Korea assist the NSA by syphoning the private data as it passes through under sea fiber-optic cables. The NSA is doing the syphoning, and doesn't want the Chinese to syphon from the same pipe.
  • scampuza@... is a paid chinese "50 Cent Party" shill

    communist mainland china and highly nationalistic south korea are awful nations, Its neighbors and US should be concerned.
    • LOL, and you are ...

      Funny as heck. You better throw away that China made iPhone and get a BlackBerry or something before you get spied on.
      • 'samscum' = Kim Jong-un

        Ah, the North Korean leader himself has spoken.