Hybrid cloud: the 'Prius' of computing architectures

Hybrid cloud: the 'Prius' of computing architectures

Summary: RedMonk's James Governor looks at the Prius as a metaphor for on-premises-to-cloud transformation.


Increasingly, the lines between on-premises and off-premises cloud keep blurring, to the point that enterprises are essentially building and offering composite services that pull from inside and outside the firewall.

Recent vendor announcements are evidence that this is the trend. At this week's JavaOne conference, for example, CloudBees announced that its platform-as-a-service offering -- targeted at developers -- can now be extended to public cloud environments while still making use of existing on-premise IT assets. What they're saying is it doesn't matter where the infrastructure is running in the background.

RedMonk's James Governor -- an analyst who has long been skeptical of thr hybrid cloud approach -- also has been coming around and seeing the benefits this mode of cloud offers. In a recent video, he compares hybrid cloud computing to the rise of hybrid vehicles -- a great solution that helps in the transition to fully electric vehicles.

Currently, electric vehicles aren't quite there yet in terms of battery life, and the infrastructure to support them -- battery-charging stations -- still needs to be built. But there is a widespread infrastructure available for gasoline-engine cars, he adds. 

Hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius are "actually a pretty good halfway house," he states. The same could be said about traditional data centers -- they still do a lot of the heavy lifting that pure cloud applications aren't ready to support.  "On balance, maybe we shouldn’t be so purist about cloud," says James. "Maybe the hybrid is a good thing; the Prius is representative of the idea that maybe hybrid makes sense."


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  • Except . . .

    "he compares hybrid cloud computing to the rise of hybrid vehicles -- a great solution that helps in the transition to fully electric vehicles."

    Except I don't see a pure cloud as ever being inherently superior to onsite. It's different, yes, and it has some advantages, yes, but it's most certainly not a clear-cut case of "this will eventually completely replace onsite."
    • The parallel itself is more of a hipster bling thing than anything of

      substance, which is why these tech sites also resort to rubbish about shooting iPhones with big butch guns because their owners have nothing else to hit.
  • Hybrids Are City Cars

    Not so good on high-speed superhighways.

    Does that mean that hybrid clouds will be no good on the Information Superhighway?
  • Using the Prius as a Metaphor

    Will stigmatize the hybrid cloud concept. The Prius' well-known shortcomings combined with it's high cost and eco-unfriendly (production & disposal) characteristics is the kiss of death.

    Now, using the Prius metaphor with the Surface is far more appropriate.
  • There Is No Metaphor

    You would have to actually listen to an IT MSP and Cloud builder to get real information. Hybrid is the way to go. No CEO is comfortable with 100 percent of his business in someone elses hands. You can virtualize and keep a local presence, and sync with another datacenter that you built; or someone elses. Azure, VMware, Amazon, Rackspace - they are a dime a dozen.

    We do local replication with offsite to S3 and it works pretty well. We're finding the standby price of data at rest is pretty cheap. However, full time VM hosting is expensive unless you know where to shop. Some of the newer players are still priced high - if you don't know any better your'e going to get taken advantage of.
  • 100% clouds

    Me thinks 100 percent cloud will be reality for all business some day.
    Freddy Sanford
    • Yeah...

      and methinks the hackathon is just starting! Far easier to hack the cloud as the security elements are scattered and unenthusiastic in pursuing and announcing 'events'. I guess i'll be seeing your stuff soon freddy...
      Woned B. Fooldagan