I admit that I am a fanboy

I admit that I am a fanboy

Summary: As a result of the constant barrage of accusations that I am a fanboy, I must admit that it is true.


"You're a fanboy, how dare you say that Chrome OS is good enough for you! Are you an idiot?"

"You never say anything positive about Windows 8; you must be paid by Apple!"

"The iPad is far superior to Android tablets, you moron!"

"I can't believe you'd say that the Note 2 is a great phone. The iPhone is better, you fandroid."

That represents the gist of a lot of correspondence I receive on a continual basis, cleaned up for publication. The focus of the outrage largely follows whatever topic I have covered at the time. The constant barrage of such vehement reactions has led me to realize that I am, indeed, a fanboy.

JK Gear
Galaxy Note 2 not depicted as it was used to take this photo. (Image: James Kendrick/ZDNet)

I am a fanboy, but of what, exactly?

I love mobile technology and meet the definition of a fanboy when I think about it. I love everything about mobile technology, from the advances I have seen in the field over the years to the fantastic hardware of today. I love how much I can do with just about every mobile gadget at my disposal. I am fanatical about mobile tech, so obviously, I am a fanboy.

You have to look at the gear I use and what I think about it to understand how much of a fanboy I really am.

My Galaxy Note 2 is a fantastic phone that I love. I can do all sorts of things with it that were unheard of just a few years ago. I like Android, I like the apps, and I like the hardware.

My iPhone 4S is not the latest model from Apple but it's still a nice phone for me. I like the OS, I like the apps, and I like the hardware.

I adore the newest acquisition in my moble arsenal, the HP Envy x2 laptop that becomes a tablet with a snap. I like the hardware, I like Windows 8, I like a few Metro apps, and a big assortment of desktop apps. I love the long battery life that lets me keep going and going.

I like the Chromebook Pixel with its superb hardware, and the Chrome OS that suits me just fine. I like the web apps and how they run on the outstanding display. I really like how much I can get done with it.

I like my 13-inch MacBook Pro with the Retina Display. I like OS X, I like the apps I run, and I like the great hardware design.

I like my Nexus 7 and the good value it represents. The hardware is great and I like it, and the Android OS is very nice. The apps are as good as any out there, and make it all work nicely.

I like my iPad with its Retina Display. I like iOS, although I wish it would get a facelift. I like the apps, and how I can use it all heavily and still have lots of battery life left.

I like my iPad mini, which has all the good things I like about its bigger sibling (except the Retina Display). I love reading ebooks on it.

I'm the ultimate fanboy with commitment issues

There you have it, my confession that I am a total fanboy of mobile tech. I love using it every day, and delight in all that I can accomplish with it. I get excited when new tech comes along, and rush to get my hands on it.

Based on the gear I am fanatical about as detailed above, I'm not just a fanboy of mobile tech. I am obviously a Windows 8 fanboy, an iPad fanboy, Android fanboy, Note 2 fanboy, Nexus 7 fanboy, iPhone fanboy, iOS fanboy, OS X fanboy, iPad mini fanboy, Chrome OS fanboy, Chromebook Pixel fanboy, Apple fanboy, MacBook Pro fanboy, Microsoft fanboy, Google fanboy, and HP Envy x2 fanboy.

That's a whole lot of fanboyism going on — and I admit it freely. I like it all, and get excited about it on a regular basis.

I enjoy using it all, not just one platform or gadget. I revel in how each platform has grown into the mature platform it is today. I love how hardware — whether smartphone, tablet, or laptop — has gotten smaller, more portable, and more powerful than ever.

To answer the inevitable question of which one gadget would I want to be stranded on a deserted island with, I can't tell you. In a perfect world, I'd be stranded with all of it. That way, I could go months before all the batteries run dry.

I am indeed the ultimate fanboy with commitment issues.

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  • You Are Clearly A Technology Double-Agent

    While claiming to have nice things to say about a product, you are also secretly collecting criticisms as well, which you then pass along to the other side. How can the true fanbois of any side trust someone like you? Only someone who is totally 100% dedicated to one platform can truly be qualified to understand the pros and cons of that platform. Anybody who tries to look at both good and bad points is clearly a traitor and not to be trusted.
    • what?

      Did someone let you out of you're safe room with the nice cushions on the walls?
      • Conspiracy abounds

        I think his underwear is to tight!!
    • Um ...

      I believe that James is a fanboy of mobile technology.

      If anyone has a right to feel left out of this article, it's the BlackBerry and QNX fanboys.
      Rabid Howler Monkey
    • He's speaking in code!

      Notice that he "said" he took the photo with a Galaxy Note 2? Is that an indication that he knows its camera is better than the iPhones? Or, could it be that he really doesn't own a Note 2 and is just telling us that to pretend he's unbiased?

      This smells fishy to me.
      • look around

        You'll find a number of articles I about the Note 2. No conspiracy here.
    • well clearly 1 vendor stand out from his list of likes: Microsoft

      James, your list equal mine, a couple of products, more or less. Also for me, nothing to like about MS products. Hey, just E. Bott wrote about how much people hates W8.
      • Windows 8 is terrible but 7....

        I will say that Windows 7 is pretty good, a little more complicated then it needs to be but a solid effort. I would give 8 to my worst enemy. MS needs to figure out how to build on what is good and stop trying to copy Apple at there own game.
    • And now we know

      how many ZDNet readers wouldn't recognize sarcasm if it slapped them in the face...
  • Now onto important matters.... Boxers or briefs?

    any other secrets that we should know about?
    • commando

      Yes indeed.
  • as long as you agree with me you are correct

    and i'm always right.
  • and I thought I had a lot of toys

    James, thank you for making me feel better about all of my toys, which pail compared to your collection.

    Well done sir!
    • Do you have gadget envy for the Envy?

      I want one.
  • The problem

    While I am happy to read a little of the personality and preferences of any blogger ... there are major problems with being an undiscrimating fanboy.
    Unfortunately these also manifest themselves in far more important things ... like politics and Government.

    1. If you say "Windows is good & OSX is good and *IX is good ..." then you are no help to those people trying to make a choice.

    2. If you say "only Windows is good - everything else is useless", then you obstruct objective decision making.

    The best example of this was the Bott v SJVN argument about the MSFT UEFI bootloader for Windows 8. Both these bloggers - whilst excellent in matters of usability about their favourite OS - are biased and unhelpful in their reading of technology in the large.
    The objective statement I would expect BOTH ... note BOTH ... to make is that MSFT's mechanism, whilst not preventing LINUX multi-booting, is a useful security measure and exactly the sort of restrictive practice which a convicted monopolist would implement to cement its market share.
    But neither can get it straight.
    Further by continually fuelling the fanboy flames amongst readers ZDNET greatly diminishes the usefulness of the site.

    Regretably, as I've said, the same is true in politics - where in the USA the impasse between the two major parties is holding back the country's progress.

    The problem is obvious: ZDNET bloggers are rewarded for hits and politicians are rewarded for votes ... neither are rewarded for accuracy or quality :-(
    • Kendrick says you should go with whats best for you.

      He's been very clear that, if you are fully integrated in the Apple universe, you're probably better off staying there. He's said the same about those of us with tons of Android apps who have large Kindle collections and such. I do believe he supports Microsoft for people who use Office for living or who depend upon other MS applications. Do you see a pattern here?

      Kendrick tells people precisely what I tell them and I'm long Microsoft, typing on a Note 2-- which I really own ;)

      This is a great time to be a geek!
    • Progress

      Of course, it depends on what you mean by progress. The kind of progress going on here in the US is actually going backwards. The new idea is freedom. The old idea is central control.

      The impasse is because is extremely unlikely that we can have both.
  • Multi-Platform tech fanboys unite!

    I agree with James, on this one.

    1) For audio quality, nothing I won surpasses my six year old 5th gen iPod Video. When I want to listen to my Harmann Karndon headphones, they go through the iPod and a Fiio headphone amp plugged into the line-out. When I want to listen without headphones, I have a dock that feeds into my stereo.

    2) I love Android. I've got an Android phone, a Nexus 7 and a ASUS Transformer TF300. I use them all and love them.

    3) I'm also a huge fan of Microsoft products. Office may be "bloated" with features, but my gosh, if you now how to use them you can create some seriously sophisticated documents, presentations and spreadsheets. As a system administrator I am simply in awe of Active Directory and the way it allows for central management of an enterprise's technology assets. And I simply adore Powershell; I use it every day, even to the extent of replacing GUI tools in many instances.

    LIke James I am a tech fanboy moreso than a slave to any one company.
  • Fan boy articles are cr*p

    If a blogger can't write an honest review of a specific product without bias, he/she should quit. Because they are no better than the trolls in the comments section.
    • How ironic

      this comment coming from one of the top trolls around here.