IBM adds Java lockdown to Trusteer Apex

IBM adds Java lockdown to Trusteer Apex

Summary: IBM said the feature is unique to Trusteer, its endpoint protection software that guards against advanced malware attacks.


IBM is adding new software to the Threat Protection System it announced just a couple weeks ago. On Wednesday the company released an expanded version of Trusteer Apex, an endpoint protection software that guards against advanced malware attacks. 

IBM said Trusteer now has a Java lockdown feature unique the software. Java is the target of half of all application vulnerability attacks, IBM said, and pointed to its X-Force Q2 2014 report that suggests 96 percent of Java exploits are applicative, meaning rogue, uncontrolled Java applications.

With its new capabilities, Trusteer can stop attacks from malicious applications embedded into Java applications through assessing application trust and activity risk, and blocking untrusted apps from doing high-risk activities.

Trusteer's marketing VP Yaron Dycian reiterated the competitive edge they feel the Java lockdown feature brings to the software:

Current point solutions in the market offer narrow protections against specific attack vectors and create significant workload on overstretched security teams, making it difficult to manage against cyber threats. Our strategic chokepoint technology introduces a fresh approach for breaking the threat lifecycle and preempting cyber attacks. 

IBM acquired Trusteer last year for around $1 billion and has since folded the security firm's technology into its own portfolio. 

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  • Very smart

    Hope it works.
    Rabid Howler Monkey
    • I'm not sure now, but..

      AKLT used to be a good test utility for competitors to Trusteer. Last time I tried it, Rapport was the only one that passed all of the AKLT tests, at that time. Today or tomorrow, may be another day!

      Perhaps combining it with EMET 4.1 will provide a blended defense focus in that area.