IBM concludes union negotiations

IBM concludes union negotiations

Summary: IBM and the Australian Services Union (ASU) have concluded critical discussions, resulting in the ASU gaining the right to negotiate collective employment agreements for unionised staff, as reported by the Australian Financial Review today.

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IBM and the Australian Services Union (ASU) have concluded critical discussions, resulting in a number of formerly displeased IBM employees accepting common law contracts offered by the company.

IBM confirmed that it had concluded negotiations and that the "interests of employees remained central throughout the negotiation process".

ZDNet Australia contacted the ASU and received a "no comment" from branch secretary Sally McManus.

The controversy centred around IBM's Baulkham Hills facility, after unionised staff demanded better working conditions and protested at the plans to offshore staff. Staff also expressed a desire to be represented by a union in employment negotiations.

At one stage, the ASU proposed an indefinite strike if the demands of staff were not met.

According to the Australian Financial Review today, around 80 employees signed common law contracts last week. This had been enabled by a Fair Work Australia ruling in May that the union could negotiate on behalf of the IBM employees in question.

McManus told the publication that it was good to be on a positive footing once more with IBM.

Topics: IBM, Legal, IT Employment

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