IBM confirms dozens of UK layoffs

IBM confirms dozens of UK layoffs

Summary: The company will make a hundred redundancies at most in its UK Global Technology Services outsourcing operations, a source at IBM has said

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IBM is to lay off dozens of workers in the UK, the company has confirmed.

The confirmation followed a story in The Register, which suggested that up to 100 employees in IBM's Strategic Outsourcing Delivery unit could be made redundant.

"Change is constant in our industry and transformation is a permanent feature of our business model. Consequently, some level of workforce remix is an ongoing part of our business. Given the competitive nature of our business, we do not publicly discuss the details of our staffing plans," the company said in a statement.

A source within IBM confirmed to ZDNet that no more than 100 workers would go in the cull. A consultation process is now underway to manage the redundancies, and IBM has refused to give any specific details as to the job that will be going.

IBM's UK outsourcing team, which is part of IBM Global Technology Services (GTS), provides services for the telecoms, financial and other sectors, covering tasks such as service integration and shared-service management.

The Unite union has previously fought redundancies at IBM but, when approached for comment on Monday, a spokesman for the union was unaware of the latest round.

Topics: IBM, Tech Industry

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