IBM creates Mass Lab development centre

IBM creates Mass Lab development centre

Summary: The company has announced a software development lab, which will be based in Massachusetts, to focus on mobile computing for the enterprise

TOPICS: Mobility, Apps

IBM has created a new software development lab in Massachusetts in a move to design enterprise-grade mobile applications. In addition, the company rolled out a series of mobile applications.

The company said Wednesday that it will launch IBM Mass Lab, which will house 3,400 employees to focus on mobile computing for the enterprise. The Mass Lab will be IBM's largest software lab in North America. IBM added that the lab will focus on 4G and better network management, gaming, IP telephony and multimedia.

Among the key projects at Mass Lab are self-optimising networks, an effort to create networks that can heal and configure themselves. IBM aims to embed intelligence into the network. The Mail Triage is a project to assess email and messages based on whether a user is mobile or at a desktop. The idea is to prioritise email for mobile users.

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Topics: Mobility, Apps

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