IBM error triggers bank outage

IBM error triggers bank outage

Summary: DBS Bank has claimed a seven-hour service outage was the result of an error by the IT vendor

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DBS Bank says a failure on IBM's part to correctly fix an identified instability within the bank's storage system led to the seven-hour service outage on 5 July.

In a statement posted on its website addressing its customers, DBS chief executive Piyush Gupta said IBM was carrying out "a routine repair job" to address alert messages that indicated a problem with a component in the disk storage subsystem, which was connected to the bank's mainframe.

The IT vendor's Asia-Pacific team was scheduled to replace the component during off-peak hours, specifically 3am, but an error in how the fix was applied triggered a malfunction in the bank's redundancy systems, leading to the outage.

For more on this story, see DBS points outage finger at IBM on ZDNet Asia.

Topic: IT Employment


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  • It is the little things that trip us up. So this problem is NOT a process issue. It is a process ADOPTION issue. And why are processes not adopted (ie understood and used) by staff.

    Simple. Most process documentation is aimed at IT building better systems, not at engaging end users so they understand what job they have to do, with links to the supporting forms, policies, work instructions, documents and systems. The process application (such as Nimbus Control) which can support this requirement is very different from traditional IT process modeling tools.

    Ironically , IBM has bought loads of IT process modelling/management tools; System Architect, Holosofx, Lombardi - all of which are aimed at process automation - which are all now some part of Websphere.

    So Nimbus works alongside IBM in clients - but unfortunately Nimbus Control is not dpeloyed internally by IBM. It could have been. Cognos had a very effective deployment of Nimbus Control to document and drive their product implementation processes. But when Congos was acquired by IBM, Nimbus was a casualty of the M&A "synergistic savings".

    Suddenly, it doesn't sound like much of a saving when you look at the likely compensation claim by DBS Bank.

    For a longer discussion on process adoption (with a less cynical tone) read by blog