IBM lands Commercial Bank of China mainframe deal

IBM lands Commercial Bank of China mainframe deal

Summary: The world's largest commercial bank has deployed IBM's Mainframe Active Active technology.


IBM on Monday said that the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is the first bank to deploy its new System z mainframe technology designed for continuous availability and disaster recovery.


For IBM, the ICBC deal is part of a continuing push to land large financial institutions. In recent days, the company announced hybrid cloud deployments with Westpac NZ, Veda Partners and Ujjivan Financial Services.

In the ICBC deal, IBM's Mainframe Active Active technology will enable the bank to make sure 2 TB of fluid account data is real time and accurate. IBM's mainframe architecture at ICBC allows two different data centers to process the same application and data at the same time. If one system goes down, transactions are routed to the other data center.

The Mainframe Active Active technology is deployed in ICBC's Shanghai data center, which supports global branches in 40 countries. IBM claims that ICBC downtime has fallen 95 percent. ICBC has more than 17,000 offices, 4.7 million corporate customers and 432 million individual accounts

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  • IBM Mainframe technology

    A lot of the TECH advances we enjoy today were pioneered by IBM Mainframes. Virtualization for s/360 customers on s/370 boxes, partitioning, virtual storage ... all available decades ago ... have finally trickled down to the small systems.