IBM launches enterprise software suite

IBM launches enterprise software suite

Summary: The IBM Customer Experience Suite features a raft of business software in one package, including content management, social media and analytics

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IBM on Thursday launched a suite of software for enterprises looking to reach customers through multiple web channels.

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The software range, dubbed the IBM Customer Experience Suite, features everything from mashup creation to content management, portlets, social media, e-commerce and analytics. Some parts of the suite — including the content management software — were available previously, while other components have been made available thanks to the company's recent acquisition of Coremetrics. IBM is now pulling these various features together in one suite and adding predictive analytics — which were also acquired via SPSS and Coremetrics — as an overlay.

Larry Bowden, vice president of IBM portals and web-experience software, said the company's primary targets for the suite are large enterprises. Banking, retailers and governments are the biggest customers of this type of top-end web software, said Bowden. The Customer Experience Suite has an initial licence and first-year maintenance/support cost of about $193,000 (£123,200) per processor.

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Topic: IT Employment

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