IBM refreshes mid-tier storage offerings

IBM refreshes mid-tier storage offerings

Summary: The company has announced a range of mid-tier storage systems that include dedupe, real-time compression and Sonas technology

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IBM on Wednesday launched a series of storage systems optimised for specific workloads such as analytics and transaction processing.

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The firm is responding to rising demand for storage as companies virtualise their infrastructure and create and consume more data. IBM says that its new storage systems feature technology that eliminates the need to back up the same data, and scale and manage unstructured data. The systems also include deduplication technology, real-time compression and Scale-out Network Attached Storage (Sonas), which was created by IBM Research.

The flagship storage system for IBM is the Storwize V7000, which cuts down on rack space, and features a new user interface and software to manage data. Storwize V7000 also includes Easy Tier software, which moves the most active data to solid-state drives for quick access and other data to cheaper drives. Storwize V7000 is a mid-tier storage system that would primarily compete with EMC's Clariion family.

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Topic: Storage

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